American Made Gift Ideas for the Bride & Groom (Or Anyone Really!)

We're beyond blessed! We have the privilege of growing cotton and producing quality, beautiful bedding and towels with our very own crop… and with production all in the U.S.A.

It truly is the American dream!

With wedding season upon us and 4th of July around the corner, we are featuring gift ideas from companies like us – made in the USA!

Many of the owners we know personally, have met at events or have purchased products from them. We like this list and hope you find it helpful too!

Candles for Every Destination

The Ainsworth family started the Southern Firefly Candle Co. at their kitchen table 5 years ago in Nashville, TN. With hard work, experimentation and dedication to customer service, they have built Southern Firefly into a nationally recognized company and have even expanded to room sprays and fragrance diffusers. (Y'all, they've been on Good Morning America!)

Our favorite of theirs (for the moment!) is the Destination Series - scents for each state. What a cool gift for a destination wedding or giving the new couple a scent from home. And, you Nashville and Franklin folks have scents created for each of your unique cities!

Shop here for Southern Firefly's Destination Series.

For the Popcorn Lovers

Prohibition Popcorn was created by Two Thompsons, a catering business based in Nashville. When their clients wanted parting gifts to give to guests, these crafty caterers began making this special popcorn. As you guessed by the name, there's whiskey in the recipe...but just a little in each batch. :)

Shop here for Prohibition Popcorn, a nut-free, and gluten-free delicious treat.

Mix It Up!

Hooch is a mixer made with real limes, real sugar, and natural flavors. Just blend with your spirit or champagne of choice and voila! Creators and "partners in lime" (love this, y'all!), Jen and Shawn Holland, claim the mixer was born on the Chattahoochee River and calibrated to perfection on Sullivan's Island, South Carolina. You should try it for yourself to see if you agree. ;)

Shop here for Hooch Fizzy Mixer.

Flavors Like a Country Song

Mod Squad Martha, who is actually Melissa Ann Barton, got her nickname years ago by one of her customers, a Nashville music exec. Her catering clients quickly realized she could do it all - cook, style, organize, whatever. Nowadays, her company offers products and recipes to bring her Music City flare right to your kitchen.

Shop here for Mod Squad Martha's marinade and vinaigrettes.

Delicious AND Healthy Pancakes

Sunday Morning Pancake Mix was created in Samantha and Brian's kitchen when Brian wanted to start a 'dad thing' each weekend of making pancakes. Soon, they began milling a mixture of grains and sharing with friends. The pancake mix was quickly a hit! Today, nine grains - wheat, rye, buckwheat, barley, brown rice, oats, spelt, milo, cornmeal, plus a little flax - are used in their mix. It was important to Samantha and Brian for their pancakes to be delicious, easy AND healthy.

Shop here for Sunday Morning Pancake Mix.

For the Love of Leather...

Okay, friends, we've got 2 great businesses to share in this category.

The Growley Leather Company was born out of Brian Growley's frustration with his 20-year corporate career. Yes, to outsiders, they were living the American dream. But, on the inside, Brian and his wife Kelli wanted something different for their family. They began to dream of creating something their four daughters, two of which are adopted from China and have vision impairments, could learn skills and qualities to take them far in life. Growley Leather Co. is based in south Alabama but ships to you!

Shop here for products from the Growley Leather Co

The Holtz Leather Co. was founded by Rick and Coleen Holtz in a time of desperation. After near homelessness, this family of 8 got gritty...crafty...and determined to survive. Soon, Coleen had set up an Etsy shop monogramming robes, and from there, her business morphed into Holtz Leather Co. Rick and Coleen pride themselves on being a family business focused on honor, hard work and the joy that comes from doing a job well. Their leather goods are crafted in Huntsville, AL with a storefront in downtown. No fears if not in the area, though! Find their products online. :)

Shop here for leather goods from Holtz Leather Co.

A Bakery Baking Differently

The Mason Dixon Bakery and Bistro originated in Huntsville and now has expanded to Homewood, AL and online. When co-founder Dr. Ashley Ramirez learned she had Celiac Disease while in college, she realized her eating and cooking habits had to change. No more gluten! By the time she met her would-be husband Taylor, she had used her chemistry knowledge (and degrees!) to perfect many foods...minus the gluten. Still, the Mason Dixon Bakery only came about when a job offer fell through for Ashley in the Huntsville area. Lots of people today are happy that Ashley and Brian used this setback to propel them to something new - to bringing gluten-free goodness to everything they bake. 

Shop here for Mason Dixon goodness.

Peaches for Your Peach

The Peach Truck ships Georgia peaches just hours after they have been picked from the trees. When Stephen and Jessica Rose realized people in the Nashville area didn't know what an ACTUAL Georgia peach tasted like, they set out to correct that! Growing up in the middle of peach country, Stephen assumed everyone was raised with bags of fresh peaches being delivered to their front porches when neighbors had extras. After taking a job in Nashville, where he began selling GA peaches from his desk when co-workers became enamored with their juicy goodness, he decided to make a career change. And The Peach Truck was born!

Shop here for GA peaches from The Peach Truck

Yours Truly

Like all the businesses highlighted here, we work hard to produce a product we're proud of and one we think you'll love.

When a family member commented on an Instagram post by Mark Yeager, our fearless co-founder, and chief farmer, that she would love sheets made from that beautiful cotton, a dream took shape.

Carving out that American dream hasn't been easy. But, it's so worth the work, y'all!

Shop our bedding and towels here. And...we'd love to see you at our store in Moulton, AL!

Store Location - 558 Lawrence Street   Moulton, AL 35650 

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By: Rachel Eubanks, a girl blessed with a small-town Alabama raising. She grew a deep appreciation for farming as she watched her father, an extension agent, work alongside farmers for over 30 years. She now lives outside of Huntsville, AL.  

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