From Crib to College & Beyond - Bedding Bundles to Grow with You

\We want each phase of life to be comfortable and convenient with the best cotton products one can buy (ours!).

Also, by bundling our products, we’re offering a 10% discount compared to buying each piece separately.

Y’all, it’s the 4 C’s – Cotton bedding that’s Comfortable, Convenient and Cost-effective. :)

The Early Years - Baby Bundles

Like many of you can attest, having a baby (or just learning you are expecting) changes everything. In our case, Anna created a new product line for RLC when she found out her great news.

She got right to work developing bedding for babies that’s high quality, 100% RLC cotton, and an all-American made product.

Thanks to her momma instincts, we now offer fitted crib sheets, crib skirts, and baby quilts. Plus, we offer our ticking stripe in a soft blue or pink pastel so the nursery feels AND looks perfect.

Each of our baby bundles comes with a fitted crib sheet, crib skirt and a baby quilt. Our quilts are intended to be a transitional piece; as your little one moves to a toddler’s bed or big-girl bed, the quilt goes with her. Another cool point, the batting inside the quilt is made from our cotton, too, not polyester like in most quilts.

Know that our quilts should not be placed in a baby’s crib during the early months due to the risk of SIDS. But, they can be beautiful additions to the nursery decor or be used for tummy time until your little bundle is old enough for a quilt in his bed. :)

Childhood - RLC Bundles for This Time Too!

To accommodate the childhood years, we now offer our 2 new soft pastels in twin all the way up to queen sizes. While we offer our white, natural and charcoal ticking sheets in twin sizes too, we're excited to offer more playful options from our Fairfield Pastel Stripe Collection. (These are the same pastel ticking stripe sheets we offer in our baby bundles… just bigger sheets obviously.) 

Moving Out - A Bundle for College Students and Beyond

Moving is a big deal...whether it's your initial move to college or you're moving for your first job in the big city. It’s exciting

And, we're happy to offer a Move-In Bundle that sets you up for success.

Our Move-In Bundle includes the basics – 1 set of our Bankhead Basic Sheets, 2 Leighton Bath Towels, 1 Leighton Hand towel and 1 Leighton washcloth.

Update Your Bed Or Bath At Any Age Or Stage!

Then…sometimes we have been “adulting” for a while and realize we just need a change. We feel ya, and we’ve created bundles to fill that need too.

See, our bundles make it easier to change your bedding while still getting comfortable, good-looking, American made products. We’ve created 5 bundles to give your bedding an instant boost.

The Bath Bundle - Refresh your bathroom with one click. Our bath bundle includes 2 Bath Towels or Bath Sheets, 2 Hand Towels and 2 Washcloths. Choose whether you prefer Bath Sheets or Bath Towels and pick your preference between our white and natural colors. 

The Lawrence Ticking Stripe BundleIt includes 1 Bankhead Basic Sheet Set in Natural, 1 Lawrence Ticking Stripe Duvet Cover, and 1-2 Lawrence Ticking Stripe Shams (depending on your bed size). This is one of our most popular ways to style a bed.

The Basic Bundle – This bundle includes 1 set of Bankhead Basics Sheets, 1 Bankhead Basics Duvet Cover and 1-2 Basics Shams (depending on your bed size). This bundle is available in white and natural colors.


The Luxury Bundle with Madeline Gray Lace Trimmed Sheets This fourth bundle includes 1 set of Madeline Gray sheets, 1 Duvet Cover, and 1-2 shams, based on the bed size. This bundle is available in white and natural. 

The Luxury Bundle with Red Land Classic Hemstitched SheetsIn this bundle, we offer 1 set of Red Land Cotton Sheets, 1 Duvet Cover, and 1-2 shams. The color options are white and natural. 

To Conclude

Our goal in creating these bundles is to make your shopping experience with us more convenient, easier while still offering great products. As always though, feel free to build your own bed… both online and in our store (558 Lawrence Street   Moulton, AL 35650).

And, if you’re looking to clean your baby’s sheets or to make a big change in your bedroom but first want to get organized (I mean, who really needs 15 sets of sheets dating back to 1980!), we’ve linked to 2 helpful posts.

We hope you find the bundles helpful as you and your children move through different stages of life because we love celebrating the milestones with you!


By: Rachel Eubanks, a girl blessed with a small-town Alabama raising. She grew a deep appreciation for farming as she watched her father, an extension agent, work alongside farmers for over 30 years. She now lives outside of Huntsville, AL.  


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