Motherly Advice For Laundering Your Linens

It's a fine art, taking care of heirloom cotton linens, and there is no one better to teach it than a mother. Well, we will take on that motherly role for just a second. These are our rules to washing and taking care of those precious linens. 


1. wash your sheets

  • When you first get those beauties in the mail, pre-wash them first! This will set the threads and keep them from pilling.
  • Wash in cold water and on the gentle or delicate cycle.
  • Avoid heavy loads that might cause excessive agitation, this can lead to fiber breakdown. 
  • Keep loads small. In some cases it may be necessary to split up a sheet set with smaller cotton items. 
  • Keep it to one color scheme please. Also, don't mix in any polyester or synthetic materials with your delicate linens. 
  • Fill up your washer, add in your sheets and THEN add the detergent. Don't pour detergent directly on your linens. 
  • NEVER USE FABRIC SOFTENER. It only masks the fibers and ultimately degrades the fibers. 
  • Keep it calm. Use baby detergent or a brand with no harsh chemicals, brighteners or bleach. NO BLEACH. EVER.

2. leave the heat

  • Heat in the dryer also harms the cotton fibers, not to mention it leads to shrinkage. 
  • So what do you do? We hate to say it... but don't put them in the oh so convenient dryer. Instead, let them lay flat, air dry them on a line or dry them on a rack inside. 
  • It's more work in the upfront but you wont have to iron!

3. iron clad tips for ironing 

  • Iron while sheets are still damp while using a hot steam setting.
  • For the lace on our Madeline Gray Sheets: Iron on the reverse side on top of a terry towel to protect the delicate cotton lace. 

4.  storage and preservation

  • Store your linens in a cotton or muslin pillowcase so the linens can breathe. Natural fibers need air circulation. You know that cotton yearns to be back in the field!
  • Got a bad stain? Seek professional help! Don't take it upon yourself to clean a spot with your traditional stain resolvers. 

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