Ranch Wives Review Red Land Cotton

From the Heart of Rural America. 

At the end of a long day’s work, when your head hits the pillow and you thank God for spending another day doing what you love, you deserve good sheets. As ranchers, we spend our days working with our hands and busting our back, so it’s nice to lie down with the affirmation that we are resting on something that worked as hard as we did to be here. Sheets made with care, extreme attention to detail and by someone, we can put a face to, a family name behind. In a world where hardly anyone knows their neighbor, it’s a comforting feeling to know your product maker; and just as you know the farmer behind Red Land Cotton, we want you to know the rancher behind your food.  

Let introduce ourselves: we are JaTanna Williams and Natalie Kovarik, the best friend duo behind Ranch Wives Beef Company. We are the mothers of 6th and 7th generation ranchers and the wives to hardworking cattlemen in Montana and Nebraska. Our daily tasks change as often as the weather, and whatever the weather -you’ll find us grateful at the end of that day for a life we are blessed to live. We are proud cattle producers, homemakers, mothers and entrepreneurs who together founded RWBCo.; a company built out of love and appreciation for all things food, family and agriculture. 

Ranch Wives Review Of Red Land Cotton

Much like Red Land Cotton, our business was built on the legacy bestowed by the generations of farmers and ranchers before us. Our multigenerational ranches have spent lifetimes tending to the land and our animals with utmost love and care. And much like Red Land Cotton, our company’s mission statement is rooted in the desire to connect rural and urban America by sharing both the products and stories of our family farms.

Choosing to support and purchase American made products is a conscious effort and one we want to thank you greatly for. We know it’s neither cheap nor easy to ignore the conveniently mass-produced and instead turn towards intention. But we also know it’s important. With every purchase of American grown goods, you are supporting the nation as well as families with stories like ours and the Yeager’s. For this and many more reasons, we support the Red Land Cotton Brand:

We believe in the family unit, and along with love, we believe in surrounding our families with carefully curated, quality items that will stand the test of time. Both of our grandmothers were avid quilters, and like the quilts of our grandmothers, Red Land Cotton products are something you’ll be able to pass down to the generations to come. They are high quality, making them durable enough to withstand the family lifestyle; yet they are 100% cotton making them comfortable enough to offer a warm embrace for our kiddos (and ourselves) to cuddle in. Through time and washes, the product continues to get better and softer but doesn’t lose its durability. Along with its time tested quality, the classic designs will last generations and can build the base of any bedroom design. JaTanna layered the navy and cream Lawrence ticking in several pieces to create a masculine feel and added a pair of Madeline Gray pillowcases to add that feminine touch of lace. Simple yet elegant, the Red Land Classic pieces were meant for Natalie. She created a welcoming white oasis of comfort with Red Land’s Classic white sheets and perfectly weighted quilt. The eyelet hem adds a beautiful detail that isn’t lost on the monochromatic pairing. Both designs were perfectly complemented by a classic foundation of quality linens. Whatever your aesthetic, we know Red Land can help you create a lasting bedroom set that is not only beautiful but made with intention, care, and quality.

Ranch Wives Review Of Red land Cotton

We believe in supporting businesses that put as much love and care into the product they produce, as the land they use to produce it. Red Land Cotton is rain-fed and produced under the most up-to-date and sustainable farming techniques. As a fresh generation of Agricultural stewards, we’re facing a new crisis, the challenge of feeding a growing population in a sustainable way that both protects and enhances the world in which we live. Mr. Yeager recognized this idea way back in the 1980s. It’s why he spent years implementing sustainable farming practices across his thousands of acres, and it’s why he didn’t stop experimenting until he succeeded in producing an unrivaled cotton crop with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

Ranch Wives Review Red Land Cotton 

Lastly, we have grown to love and support RLC because we believe in honoring businesses that respect and continue the legacy built by generations before them. As mothers to 6th and 7th generation ranch kids, we’re aware that ranching isn’t just a part of our history; it’s the way of our future. Similarly, Red Land Cotton is a company rooted in the pillars of family and built on the desire to give something to their future generations; both the land they pass to their family and the linens they create to last several lifetimes. After all “we don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” – David Bower


Only time will tell how the future of rural America will look. But if you take one piece of advice from our words, please let it be our plea to continually support the men and women of American Agricultural. Rural America is a term often thought of as slow and dusty, but we’re here writing to you from our country homes to tell you it’s alive and thriving. That it’s filled to the brim with families like ours and the Yeagers; families who care about the land, the planet, and the future, and families working hard to ensure that there will be food and fibers for years to come. Here at Ranch Wives Beef Co, we believe good food leads to great memories and hope our beef provides an opportunity for families and loved ones to come together and create meaningful moments around the dinner table. Just as Red Land Cotton hopes their family produced linens will be handed down for generations to come and lead to memories of bedtime stories, kids’ forts in the living room and lazy Sunday mornings. 

Ranch Wives Review Of Red Land Cotton

God Bless, and on behalf of both our family’s farms, thank you. 

Written with love from the heart of rural America,




JaTanna Williams and Natalie Kovarik are the co-founders of the ranch direct beef company, Ranch Wives Beef Co. Together the women ship their family raised beef from their Montana and Nebraska ranches, while sharing their stories as modern day ranch moms and wives. Through their brand, JaTanna and Natalie aim to help consumers understand a more accurate narrative of the beef industry, and hope to educate and inspire other producers, young and old, to use digital platforms to do the same. They’re passionate about advocating for the Agricultural industry and are proud to belong to its community. To follow along on their journey head to their Instagram page @ranchwivesbeefco and head to their website www.ranchwivesbeefco.com to purchase some family raised, quality Angus beef for you and yours.


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    Wonderful review of your wonderful products! I’ll do a little investigating into their company. Keep up the good work way up there in Lawrence Co. (I’m “way” down south in Eastaboga, near Anniston.) Cotton chopping underway down here. Christmas orders will be coming your way soon…..

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