How It's Grown

  • Why It's Important To Buy Textiles Made In The USA

    We could wax poetic about the importance of buying your bedding and bath towels "made in America", but we feel it's important to add some context around the "why". So we are going to go over why it's important to us and why we THINK it should be important to you, too! View Post
  • Behind The Seams — Harvesting & Ginning Red Land Cotton

    Ever wondered what it looks like to go from farm to fabric? Well, there are a lot of steps in between.  Our process starts at the ground level. So every fall, we harvest acres upon acres of the beautiful upland cotton we know and love. From there, we take the round modules of cotton weighing appr... View Post
  • Traditions Used To Be Something Handed Down

    A few weeks ago, we gave baby Katharine a tour of the family business. She was able to spend time at the store with me and tour the farm with her Grandfather, Mark. We believe in teaching the values of hard work, perseverance, and dedication at an early age — my daughter is no exception.    ... View Post
  • Behind the Seams - Mark and Joe Yeager Talk Fall Plans for the Farm

    My meeting with Mark and Joe Yeager was supposed to be about their Fall plans for Red Land Farms. You know, questions like, what are you working on now? When will you begin picking cotton? But, I quickly found myself asking these two brothers more. I realized these guys answered my farm questions... View Post
  • How It's Grown — Part 11

    We're out in the field and in the office talking cotton, a low carbon footprint, and fair trade.  View Post
  • Sustainability - A Focus for Red Land Cotton

    At Red Land Cotton, it’s a focus of ours to use sustainable farming methods…to use fields, buildings, and equipment in multiple ways and in the smartest fashion so they can be used for years and years to come. With Earth Day this month, it’s perfect timing to share some of these methods.

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  • Spring Preparation on the Farm

    The warmer weather and beautiful blooms of spring time make us excited…have us looking forward to the coming days. We’re definitely fired up at RLC!We have a new line of baby bedding – The Baby Nadine Collection — coming in mid-April (and a baby girl coming in June!). Plus, we're hard at work preparing our fields for cotton planting. Read to learn what all we're doing. View Post
  • How It's Grown — Part 9

    You all may know by now, but we take a lot of pride in how we grow our cotton. That dedication to quality starts in the winter months after we harvest our cotton in November. View Post