• Inspiration & Updates — Part 2

    So much has been going on at Red Land Cotton and we wanted to update you all! We're talking about our new ticking stripe and basics offerings as well as our new bath towels that will be launching soon!   View Post
  • Finishing Red Land Cotton

    We're Almost At The Finish Line! (No Pun Intended) Yesterday, we were able to watch as our cloth ran through part of the "finishing" process. This is the final process in turning fibers to useable cloth before it can be cut and sewn. We will attempt to explain the process below in the best pos... View Post
  • Our Inspiration and Updates

    Time to put a face with a name. Get to know Anna, her dog Cotton and a little more about Red Land Cotton. We're talking about the inspiration behind the business, our offerings and how production is going on the first run of our signature heirloom cotton sheets. Enjoy! Leave a comment or s... View Post
  • Alternatives To Fabric Softener

      Sorry Snuggle, the sad and inconvenient truth is, fabric softeners just aren't good for the fibers in our cotton linens. Dryer sheets and most chemical softeners coat the surface of the fabric with a thin layer of lubrication. It makes the cloth feel soft and smooth and yes, it reduces sta... View Post
  • Motherly Advice For Laundering Your Linens

    It's a fine art, taking care of heirloom cotton linens, and there is no one better to teach it than a mother. Well, we will take on that motherly role for just a second. These are our rules for washing and taking care of those precious linens.     1. wash your sheets When you first get ... View Post