• Red Land Cotton's Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Linens

    With warmer temps in the air and the official day of spring “here ‘fore ya know it,” we have spring cleaning on our minds. This post is all about keeping your linens and towels clean and fresh so your home is a place you can’t wait to be and sad to leave.


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  • American Made For The Holidays... Our Picks for The Best Gifts

    There is nothing sweeter than purchasing a gift that impacts another person's life directly. That's exactly what happens when you shop with a small business here in the USA. We know most of these people personally. Whether we have met online or at events, we can attest to their quality as well as... View Post
  • 4 Tips to Lessen Stress This Holiday Season (and How Red Land Cotton Can Help)

    The intent of this post is to help alleviate some of the stress we typically feel these coming months. We want to ENJOY THE HOLIDAY SEASON, not just survive it. View Post
  • How to Care for Towels - A Frequently Asked Question

    One of the questions we get asked often is how to best care for our products. We’re glad that you ask! It means you love our products as much as we do. Plus, it means you want them to last. And once again, we feel the same as you. Below, you'll find tips for caring for our towels. Also know, in o... View Post
  • Designing the Red Land Cotton Bed — Style Tips to Get the Look in Your Home

    Do you remember spending the night at your grandmother’s home? I do. I remember the smell of bacon frying as soon as I awakened. A chance to be spoiled and loved like only grandparents do. A tuck-in at night that was a tad too snug. And a bed that was just a little warmer and softer than mine at ... View Post
  • Inspiration & Updates — Part 2

    So much has been going on at Red Land Cotton and we wanted to update you all! We're talking about our new ticking stripe and basics offerings as well as our new bath towels that will be launching soon!   View Post
  • A Cotton Anniversary

    There is great significance in cotton as an anniversary gift in the second year of marriage. Like cotton, we seek to find durability, versatility, and strength in our marriages. What could be a more appropriate symbol of this kind of relationship than cotton? View Post
  • A Review of Joanna Gaines Lemon Pie (Hint: It's AMAZING)

    So, I was snuggled in bed between my gorgeous Madeline Gray sheets ;) reading the Spring issue of Magnolia Journal and I came across the recipe for Joanna's Lemon Pie. I'm a lemon lover (I know that sounds weird). But I love a lemon in my water, I have lemon scented soaps and candles throughout ... View Post