From A Bed Sheet Passed Down From The 1920s, We Reverse Engineered The Original Weave Construction To Bring You Linens That Are Truly Heirloom-Inspired.

Our bed sheets and other home offerings are unlike anything that is currently on the market. Not only are they exclusively a farm-to-home offering, but these linens are heirloom pieces, entitled to the same reverence that bed linens of yesteryear were due. Our bed linens are recreations of the bed linens of our ancestors from almost a century ago.


Red Land Cotton Vintage Bedding


All of our linens are finely crafted with artful details that take inspiration from the vintage fabrics you’d expect to find on your grandmother’s bed or perhaps in her hope chest. In fact, one such genteel matriarch passed down, from the 1920’s, the very heirloom linens that our product is modeled on. We’ve had our own heirloom linens carefully analyzed, and we are giving new life to those pieces.

With The Purest Homegrown Cotton In America, Our Artfully Manufactured Linens Are Supple And Unique, For A Level Of Comfort That Makes Each Consumer Feel Like They’re A Part Of Our Family.

Red Land Cotton linens are offered in natural, white or ticking stripe color options. These linens are strong and beautiful, simple and elegant.