American Made Easter Treats and Blessings!

Looking to make the best baskets of the Easter season? Follow us down the rabbit trail of American Made and inspiring goods to put in your loved one's basket!

Easter Picks

1. Red Land Cotton Southern Pillow Covers

Okay, okay... we know it's a shameless plug but we think our pillow covers would look just darling in an easter basket!

Skedaddle Pillow Cover $30.00 

2. Susan Gordon Original Handmade Pottery 

We found her on Instagram just a few days ago and her posts have us swooning! Her designs are wonderfully whimsical AND she is a local Alabama native. Take a look at her handmade bowls, ring dishes, jewelry and more. You won't be disappointed!

Ceramic Bowls $58.00 

3. 1818 Farms Shea Butter

These little tubs smell good enough to eat. We LOVE the wedding cake fragrance but there are several others to choose from. All their creams are made by hand in Alabama and contain just 3 simple ingredients: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and an essential oil or fragrance.

8 oz Shea Cream $19.00 

4. Hint Water

Nothing is more refreshing than a big bottle of blackberry sparkling water! These are special treats in our house! Much healthier than a soda and made in the USA, these tasty bottles of fizzy water are PERFECTION! 

12pk of Sparkling Blackberry $22.00 


And this is no ordinary butter. Banner Butter, a small-batch butter, is made with patiently-cultured cream from hormone-free, grass-fed cows with no added flavoring. They make seasonal compound butters that are to die for! You will literally find yourself eating it with a spoon!

Pack of 3 Butters $21.00 

6. Scarlet & Gold Inspiring Prints

This company has an amazing mission to start conversations about things that matter. They do just that with their beautiful, simple and inspired art prints. From scripture to words of encouragement, their prints are perfect little reminders.  

Calling Over Comfort Art Print $15.00 

7. Red Land Cotton Southern Saying Tea Towels

We're at it again... shameless. BUT! How cute would one of our tea towels be tucked away into your Easter basket display? 

Fixin Tea Towel $15.00 

8. The Cutest Little Socks

But not just any sock! This family has been making socks in the little town of Fort Payne, Alabama for over twenty years. These socks are made artfully and beautifully with passion and tradition! 

Calico Dot Crew Sock  $18.00 

9. A Personal Touch

We love sending thank you cards or simply just a note to say hello! These hand drawn folded cards will definitely be a unique addition to your basket. Choose from several rustic and charming designs.

Folded Note Cards  $10.00 

10. Scent Of Home

Amazing scents that are unique to home. We've only encountered the "southern" candles but we have loved what we've found in these curated scents. With scents like Mimosa, Sweet Tea, Gun Powder and Sunday Brunch you can't go wrong.  

Mimosa Candle  $28.00 



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