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From our farm to your home — we're growing the best upland cotton that the rich red earth of North Alabama can produce to bring you luxury linens that are fresh from the farm. 



For three generations, Mark Yeager and his family have been growing the finest upland cotton in the rich, red earth of North Alabama. Crafted exclusively from cotton grown on their family farm, Red Land Cotton creates 100% cotton bedding, bath towels and southern inspired home decor. 

We are proud of the exceptional quality of our homegrown heirloom-inspired linens and we can't wait to share them with you!

Heirloom-Inspired Bedding

we reverse engineered a 1920's bed sheet to achieve our timeless fabric's look and feel

Sustainably Grown

Our heirloom linens start on the soil level with a cover crop protecting the soil and enriching life below the surface.

Made Entirely In The USA

from the seed in the ground to the last stitch sewn—our linens are made right here

Grown On Red Land Farms

every fiber in our fabric comes directly from our farm in North Alabama

From The Field

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Is And Always Will Be American Made

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