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How To Make Your Bedroom Cozier For Each Season

How To Make Your Bedroom Cozier For Each Season

Seasons come and go, and each one means something different to us. Winter brings evenings snuggled by the fire. Spring brings fresh air and blue skies. Summer brings long, lazy days sitting by the water. And autumn brings us red trees and brisk mornings.

But even though different seasons have their own memories, some things remain constant—comfort and relaxation. Those feelings can be summed up in one word: cozy. Here’s how to make your bedroom cozier for each season.


If there’s one season we associate with coziness, it’s the first season of the year. What’s cozier than flannel pajamas, wooly sweaters, and knit mittens? Here are a few ways to let the winter season shine in your bedroom.

Winterize Your Bedding

It’s hard to be cozy when your teeth are chattering. When winter rolls around, your first step is to make your bed as warm and comfortable as possible.

Sheets and Blankets

Keeping your bed comfy starts with your sheets and blankets. Most people’s first instinct is to turn to flannel sheets when the weather gets colder, but going too thick on sheets can lead to you waking up sweating in the middle of the night. Instead, opt for a slightly thicker, breathable cotton sheet like our ticking stripe sheets. From here, you can focus on layering your bedding to get it to the perfect thickness.

Throw Blankets

Sometimes, you want to snuggle up in your room without getting all the way under the covers. That’s when it pays to have a few throw blankets handy to wrap around your shoulders. Along with being practical, it also adds an extra sense of comfort to a space to see a blanket draped over the edge of a bed or over the rocking chair in the corner.

Throw Pillows

Unlike blankets, the number of pillows you need from season to season doesn’t usually change. Still, adding an extra throw pillow embroidered with wintery images like pine trees and elk will make the whole room feel more comfortable, even if you aren’t sleeping on them. And if you want to sit up in bed or snuggle up on the couch, sometimes a smaller pillow is all you need to be comfy.


When we think of coziness, we immediately think of warmth, and the return of sunshine in the spring definitely embodies that. Here are some tips for a cozy spring.

Embrace Sunshine

There’s something comforting about a warm, sunny room. And the sunnier the space, the more pleasant it will feel. If your bedroom seems dim and cold, try these tricks for letting in springtime:

  • Wash the windows
  • Get light-colored window treatments
  • Move furniture away from the windows
  • Use light-colored wall paint, furniture, and bedding
  • Use light, crisp fabrics instead of heavy, plush fabrics
  • Put up wall mirrors

Besides making your bedroom cozier from season to season, bathing yourself in sweet sunshine will help you keep a more consistent sleep schedule.

Add a Bouquet of Flowers

Springtime isn’t complete without flowers, and adding a vase full of them to your room is a cozy way to add a little color to your space. Not only that, but the scent will freshen up your room, boost your mood, and potentially help you sleep, depending on the types of flowers you choose. Lavender, jasmine, gardenias, and gerbera daisies are the best flowers for a comfortable sleep. Just avoid keeping them in the same room as cats and dogs.


With the balmy temperatures and bright, bold sunshine, summer isn’t exactly a season you associate with snuggling under the blankets. But remember, the goal of cozy is a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere. And we can still achieve that during the dog days of summer.

Adjust Your Bedding

During the cooler nights of the spring, you could still get away with your warm, winter bedding. But now that the temperature’s climbed a little higher, it’s time to refresh your bedding to match.

Sheets and Blankets

Focus on light and breathable when you’re picking your summer bedding. 100 percent cotton bedsheets can keep you cool and comfortable all summer long. But just because you’re staying cool doesn’t mean you have to give up the cozy weight of a quilt over you. Our bed quilts made in the USA have that comforting, homespun feeling without trapping every ounce of your body heat.

Fewer Pillows

In the wintertime, it’s nice to surround yourself with a mountain of pillows. But once summertime hits, less is more when it comes to what you put on your bed. Decide how many pillows you really need, then store the rest in a cool, dry area, like the upper shelf of a linen closet.

Fairy Lights

When we think of cozy summer nights, the first thing many of us think of is sitting barefoot in a grassy field glowing with lighting bugs. While you can’t exactly bring lighting bugs in the house the way you can a bouquet of spring flowers, you can hang some twinkling fairy lights in your room. Their warm, gentle glow is perfect when you want to spend a quiet, relaxing evening in.


A warm mug of apple cider and a flannel blanket after a brisk walk in the woods is the height of coziness.

Bring In Fall Colors

Fall is the season of warm colors, like reds, oranges, and yellows. And the beauty of putting warm colors in a bedroom is that it makes the whole space feel closer, more intimate, and definitely cozier. You don’t have to get out the old brush and redo your entire room. But finding little ways to bring in autumn colors—a golden throw, some red curtains, a little pumpkin—will make the room cozier.

Fake Fireplace

As the temperature starts to drop again, our imaginations will turn to a warm, cozy fire. But not all of us are fortunate enough to have a fireplace in our bedrooms. You can add the charm of a fireplace by investing in a space heater designed to look like one. That way, you can stay a little warmer as the weather gets cooler and enjoy the warm glow of a fire.

Seasons come and seasons go. But even as you change the linens or switch the drapes, you can still create a space that is a comfort to both you and your loved ones all year long.

How To Make Your Bedroom Cozier For Each Season

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