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Style Your Bed For Spring

Style Your Bed For Spring


Style Your Bed For Spring With Our All White Layers:

While this may seem like a lot of layers, you need to remember that cotton is extremely breathable and doesn't trap heat like some of it's synthetic competition. 

1. Start with our Signature Sheets as the base layer for every bed
2. Create height with our Quilted Euro Shams.
3. Layer in our Basic Shams and complete the pillows with our Matelasse Shams.
4. Fold down your flat sheet and add in a All American Bed Blanket
5. Finally, top the bed with our Matelasse Bedspread
6. Add our Classic Quilt folded at the end of the bed. 

Spring weather can be tricky (particularly if you live in the South). The days can heat up but the nights can dip back into the freezing temps. That's why layers are key to an inviting and comfortable bedding experience. 

The mix of textures and the addition of the floral elements in our Matelasse Bedspreads make this set up ideal for Spring. 

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