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  • Why I Always Buy White Linens

    Why I Always Buy White Linens

    Guest post by Grace Wagenman   These days when it comes to buying bedding, you can choose any fabric, pattern, thread count, and colorway. It’s overwhelming to say the least....

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  • "Thread Count" - What You Need To Know

    "Thread Count" - What You Need To Know

    We wanted to take a second to address a concern... or maybe it's just a question that needs answering! We hear this a lot, "Why such a low thread count?", and,...

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  • Our Inspiration — Why a 1920s Bed Sheet?

    Our Inspiration — Why a 1920s Bed Sheet?

    The substance of the yarn coupled with the open nature of the weave makes for a truly unique fabric that is soft and breathable but substantial. And we can't help but think if...

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  • Traditions Used To Be Something Handed Down

    Traditions Used To Be Something Handed Down

    A few weeks ago, we gave baby Katharine a tour of the family business. She was able to spend time at the store with me and tour the farm with her...

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  • Red Land Cotton's Big News

    Red Land Cotton's Big News

    You know the feeling...the one you get when you have big news and can't wait to tell others. That's how we are feeling these days! Read on to learn what...

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  • Inspiration & Updates — Part 2

    Inspiration & Updates — Part 2

    So much has been going on at Red Land Cotton and we wanted to update you all! We're talking about our new ticking stripe and basics offerings as well as...

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  • Country Music Cotton

    Country Music Cotton

    Who's ready for the CMT Country Music Awards tonight!? Not only are we excited to see the stars of Nashville perform, but we are also hoping they will enjoy a...

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  • Finishing Red Land Cotton

    Finishing Red Land Cotton

    We're Almost At The Finish Line! (No Pun Intended) Yesterday, we were able to watch as our cloth ran through part of the "finishing" process. This is the final process...

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  • Our Inspiration and Updates

    Our Inspiration and Updates

    Time to put a face with a name. Get to know Anna, her dog Cotton and a little more about Red Land Cotton. We're talking about the inspiration behind the business,...

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  • Weaving Red Land Cotton

    Weaving Red Land Cotton

    Last week we were able to travel up to Gaffney, South Carolina and get a glimpse of our Red Land Cotton fabric being woven on the loom. It was surreal...

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