• It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year... for Traditions!

    It's funny how traditions have us remembering the past while anticipating the future. We at Red Land Cotton get the "tradition" thing. Our whole business is built on a family tradition of farming! With Christmas around the corner, we decided to share some Christmas traditions we are fond of. View Post
  • Designing the Red Land Cotton Bed — Style Tips to Get the Look in Your Home

    Do you remember spending the night at your grandmother’s home? I do. I remember the smell of bacon frying as soon as I awakened. A chance to be spoiled and loved like only grandparents do. A tuck-in at night that was a tad too snug. And a bed that was just a little warmer and softer than mine at ... View Post
  • A Review of Joanna Gaines Lemon Pie (Hint: It's AMAZING)

    So, I was snuggled in bed between my gorgeous Madeline Gray sheets ;) reading the Spring issue of Magnolia Journal and I came across the recipe for Joanna's Lemon Pie. I'm a lemon lover (I know that sounds weird). But I love a lemon in my water, I have lemon scented soaps and candles throughout ... View Post
  • Pumpkin Bread — A Red Land Tradition

    making this pumpkin bread recipe has been a fall tradition for as long as i can remember... this bread embodies the season and is the perfect breakfast loaf!  The night before Thanksgiving, we were making our deviled eggs, broccoli salad, and dessert. We got done a little earlier than antici... View Post
  • The Sunny Side of Soap

    Isn't it funny that after all these years we are still debating what the best detergent is to clean our linens? From the bargain jugs of detergent at the grocery store to the teeny tiny bottles of luxury suds in the local mercantile, we are faced with a multitude of buying options with li... View Post
  • The Ironing Board

    your most dreaded and hated task — tackled and analyzed. Let's look at that nasty chore from a slightly different angle. Maybe you will find a soft spot in your heart for the little iron OR maybe you won't. Either way, you will learn a little history and get some ironing inspiration!     ... View Post
  • Alternatives To Fabric Softener

      Sorry Snuggle, the sad and inconvenient truth is, fabric softeners just aren't good for the fibers in our cotton linens. Dryer sheets and most chemical softeners coat the surface of the fabric with a thin layer of lubrication. It makes the cloth feel soft and smooth and yes, it reduces sta... View Post
  • Motherly Advice For Laundering Your Linens

    It's a fine art, taking care of heirloom cotton linens, and there is no one better to teach it than a mother. Well, we will take on that motherly role for just a second. These are our rules for washing and taking care of those precious linens.     1. wash your sheets When you first get ... View Post