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10 Tips and Tricks To Keep Your Cotton Sheets Feeling Crisp

10 Tips and Tricks To Keep Your Cotton Sheets Feeling Crisp

So, you got yourself a great pair of cotton sheets. We imagine that you want to learn to take care of them. Most people do the same things; they throw their sheets in the wash every blue moon with a fabric softener and call it a day. But did you know other ways to keep your sheets crisp and clean? Check out our ten tips and tricks to keep your cotton sheets feeling crisp and fresh.

Wash Them Weekly

Even if we shower beforehand, our sheets get dirty when we sleep. Skin cells, body oils, dust mites, and bacteria quickly amass on our sheets. Because of this, it's important that you alternate and change your sheets weekly. You want to ensure that they stay clean and fresh. Without this, you'll accumulate dirt and grime that will stay on your body as you sleep. Furthermore, bacteria can lead to you being sick, and frequent washing can keep bacteria at bay.

Ditch the Fabric Softeners

So, you finally started washing your American-made luxury cotton sheets weekly to keep skin cells and bacteria at bay. What comes next? Well, the first thing you should do is throw away your fabric softener. Fabric softener coats fibers in the sheets and makes them less crisp overall. It reduces breathability, which is another problem since it diminishes airflow, making you hot in winter and the summer. Overall, fabric softeners are a bad choice for people who want fresh, crisp sheets.

Don't Overload Your Washer

Please don't overload your washing machine. It makes it hard for all your clothes to get clean. This is because the soap and suds from the detergent you put in can't fully penetrate the sheets if the machine is overstuffed. If you find the clothes don't fit, don't force them. Instead, break it up into two loads and wash them separately. Everything will be clean and fresh like it's supposed to be.

Check Your Washing Machine Settings

Read the label on your sheets and adjust your washing machine settings accordingly. The last thing you want is to put your sheets on the heavy cycle when it needs to be delicate.

Iron Your Sheets

This is one of the best tricks to keep your cotton sheets feeling crisp. If you want perfectly smooth sheets, ironing them is the way to go. When you take them out of the dryer, iron them on relatively high heat while they're still warm and hot, and perhaps a little damp. Be careful not to burn them, though! Keep the movements smooth and quick, and ensure that you don't set the iron on one spot too long, or it'll burn through. If you need to iron, do so on the ironing board, not on memory foam or latex mattresses. Any other mattress should be fine, however.

Use Starch

This is simple enough. Starch gives your fabric that smooth, silky feel. Your sheets will feel remarkably crisp. Don't overdo it, and you should be fine. It adds a modicum of structure to the sheet, which is perfect for cotton. It feels fluffier and has a much deeper resistance to wrinkling. Your sheets are also far less likely to be soiled if you use starch. Furthermore, it's a great supplement to ironing and makes the process go more smoothly.

Make Your Bed Everyday

Hey, we know this one is difficult for you. If you're rushing out of the house or trying to get the kids ready for school, making your bed could be a time suck. For some people, there's the justification that they will get back in bed anyway, so why bother? Well, as it turns out, making your bed makes your bedding look newer for a long period—far longer than if you left it in a chaotic state. Your skin will thank you, and you’ll know the difference between smooth creased sheets and sheets that have been in disarray. Making your bed every day can make you feel like you're in a five-star hotel if you do it correctly.

Use More Sheets and Tighten Up

Hotels generally place the fitted sheet over a mattress pad—the part that provides the extra bed cushion. Then they put two flat sheets over the fitted one, rather than the one fitted sheet that people are used to. Tuck the corners of the bed under it tightly, and you can sleep between the flat sheets and the comforter. Since cotton sheets are so breathable, they will be warm in winter and cool in summer. It will also feel incredibly soothing—like you're surrounded by clouds. This will undoubtedly help you sleep soundly at night.

Do Not Keep Your Sheets in the Laundry

Keeping your sheets in the laundry too long courts disaster since it invites mildew. You have to keep in mind that the washing machine's interior is dark and wet. While it doesn't carry bacteria as it was just washed, it can lead to your clothes smelling poorly and, even worse, the washing machine taking on the smell. You don't want that, because all your clothes will smell of mildew no matter what you put in the washing machine.

Wash Them Properly

While we gave you a brief rundown of the wash's frequency and what to put in it, there's much more to learn. You usually want to use warm water rather than hot water. While hot water kills germs, it also shrinks the sheets, causing them to fit poorly on your bed and compromising its structural integrity.

Check the label for care instructions if your sheets have a delicate trim or other features. Always use oxygenated bleach on whites and lighter colors if you're dealing with hard-to-get-out stains. Furthermore, you can pretreat your sheets of tough stains so that they come out of the washer clean and clear.

In short, there are many different ways to take care of your sheets, but if you take the tips above to heart, you'll be home-free. Your laundry will be crisp, smooth, and pristine, and you'll feel comfortable. If you want that hotel feel, heed the advice above. If you're looking for the best cotton sheets, shop at Red Land Cotton today!

10 Tips and Tricks To Keep Your Cotton Sheets Feeling Crisp
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  • Julie Bojalad

    I have another tip. If possible, do not put them in the drier, hang them on the clothes line. They smell wonderful and are very crisp!

  • Dawn

    I’m very happy with my Red Land sheets. They were perfect for summer. I’m saving for my next set.

  • Debbie Meek

    I love reading these tips. Love these sheets and want to keep them in great condition.

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