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Harvest 2022

Harvest 2022

This years has been particularly challenging for several reasons. From inflation to fertilizer to labor to extreme heat we've had challenges in the field and out of the field. 



Below is a quick Q&A that covers questions surrounding our harvest as well as what we're seeing domestically and abroad in the cotton market.


What’s been the most challenging aspect of this year?

It’s been extremely dry and very hot and that has made the growing season challenging. We’ve also struggled with pigweed choking out the crop.

The corn didn't do well this year at all but luckily the cotton looks pretty good!

How was the crop this year?

In some areas we’ve had our best crops ever and in some areas we’ve really struggled. It really just depends on where it rained.


How is cotton production nation wide?

Overall, cotton production is down both here at home and abroad primarily due to weather events. Texas has struggled with their cotton crops and other areas have suffered due to heat and draught. 


What about cotton production world wide?

Overall, world production is down also. Pakistan has had tremendous floods. India and China have both had trouble with their crops. 


What have we learned this year?

We can go through a really hard draught and cotton will keep producing fruit. It's very resilient. 

We've also learned that it's best to be in a hurry so that you're never behind! ;) That could really apply beyond farming though! 

Next year we plan to come into the planting season more prepared and organized for our 2023 crop!


Here's to better weather and cooler temperatures next year! It's always good to be a farmer in America! 




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