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2 Is Better Than 1 - Why You'll Love Our 2-Ply Bath Towels

2 Is Better Than 1 - Why You'll Love Our 2-Ply Bath Towels

Kit Kats. Twix. Twinkies. Reese's.

Of course, I'm talking the full-size, old-school versions. The fun sizes are, well, fun. But they definitely leave you wanting more.

These simple, tasty pleasures come in twos. Could this be a coincidence? We think not.

Two is better than one!

Here at Red Land Cotton, we love our sweet treats. But, even more...we LOVE our products.

Leighton Towels

Red Land Cotton's Leighton Towels will be ready at the end of September. Right now, 1888 Mills is putting on the final touches. (You can read more about the process to make our towels here.)

From the start, we aimed to make the best towels possible. So...our towels are made with our longest staple cotton. This helps to ensure durability and absorbency.

We truly don't want to brag, but we want to inform you about towels and labeling. See, the "100% Cotton" label doesn't note the quality of cotton used--long fiber versus short fiber. 

With the Red Land Cotton label, you can be sure of one thing: Our towels are made with our best cotton--the longest staple (fiber length) cotton.

We had our upland varieties tested, and their quality rivals any of the Egyptian, Turkey or Pima varieties on the market today. (Seriously, we are usually very humble people at RLC, but we get fired up about our cotton and the quality of our products!)

Two Is Better Than One

We didn't stop at using our longest fiber cotton, though. We took another step...unnecessary, maybe, but vital to our mission of creating the best towels on the market.

We designed based on the premise--two is better than one. That is, when talking about the plying of yarn and sweet chocolate treats. (I am sure there are lots of examples where two is not better than one. Perhaps, babies crying or dogs snarling. But, most of the time...two is better than one.)

Many towels on the market are single ply, meaning they are thin and lack durability. With 2-ply towels such as ours, two strands of yarn are twisted together to form a single, thicker strand...a more durable yarn. (It's a little like braiding hair.) This 2-ply yarn is then woven together to make the cloth of the towel.

The process of plying (or braiding thin strings together) traps cotton fibers within the yarn. With the fibers trapped, the yarn and subsequent cloth are less likely to thin and shed over time, making the products created from this yarn more durable.

Overlooked. Until It's Not.

Most of the time, towels are overlooked. We simply dry off from our baths and showers and never consider the towel until the next time we bathe. Even then, we don't consider it; we just use it.

At Red Land Cotton, we realize a towel is overlooked...until it's not. When you use a great towel, you know it. Instantly.

Red Land Cotton's towels are among the simple pleasures of life, like those sweet treats that come in packs of two. But even better! (For one, our towels last longer. A lot longer!)

We've taken every measure to make our towels exceptional...for them to stand out. From the upland cotton varieties grown on our farm to the ginning at our family-owned gin to the design decisions to the American manufacturing. We've considered each step in the process. 

And we're very proud of the final product! Red Land Cotton is the only all American made 2-ply towel on the market. 

Check out our towels below. We think you'll love them. And, one more example when two is better than one--purchasing towels. (Wink, wink.)

Leighton Towels

Leighton Bath Sheet

Leighton Bath Towel

Leighton Hand Towel

Leighton Washcloth


By: Rachel Eubanks, a girl blessed with a small-town Alabama raising. She grew a deep appreciation for farming as she watched her father, an extension agent, work alongside farmers for over 30 years. She now lives outside of Huntsville, AL. 

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