• Our Inspiration — The Lawrence Ticking Stripe

    We took our time and looked for the perfect pattern that spoke to strength, longevity, and durability. View Post
  • Traditions Used To Be Something Handed Down

    A few weeks ago, we gave baby Katharine a tour of the family business. She was able to spend time at the store with me and tour the farm with her Grandfather, Mark. We believe in teaching the values of hard work, perseverance, and dedication at an early age — my daughter is no exception.    ... View Post
  • Madeline Gray - The Inspiration Behind Our Sheets

    Most of you won’t remember Decatur, Alabama in the 1920s or even know of the city today. But it’s in this North Alabama town where a significant part of Red Land Cotton’s story actually began. See, it was in the 1920s that Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Madeline Gray set up housekeeping in a home on Gra... View Post
  • The Seconds Sale at Red Land Cotton

    Seriously, this whole business of growing cotton and producing beautiful goods from those soft fibers permeates almost everything we do! We love it! As you can imagine, though, there are many steps between planting and picking the cotton to actually selling a finished product. So, of course, mist... View Post
  • Behind the Seams - Mark and Joe Yeager Talk Fall Plans for the Farm

    My meeting with Mark and Joe Yeager was supposed to be about their Fall plans for Red Land Farms. You know, questions like, what are you working on now? When will you begin picking cotton? But, I quickly found myself asking these two brothers more. I realized these guys answered my farm questions... View Post
  • An Interview with Anna on Working Motherhood

    The moment I came across a newspaper article on Red Land Cotton almost 2 years ago, I was enamored with the business. (Hence, why I write for RLC and love doing it!) I just had so many questions and was very proud of an all-American made company that was based in Alabama. In some ways, I offer a ... View Post
  • Red Land Cotton Visits The White House

    We quickly got the picture that this was not a high-end boutique but was, in fact, THE White House calling to see if we would be interested in representing Alabama in their 2nd Annual Made In America Showcase. How did we respond? "OF COURSE! ABSOLUTELY! WHEN & WHERE?" View Post
  • How It's Grown — Part 11

    We're out in the field and in the office talking cotton, a low carbon footprint, and fair trade.  View Post