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How It's Grown — Part 4

We're back out in the field with Dwain Reed talking about insect management for our cotton plants. Dwain has been checking our cotton for insects and pests for years and is well versed in the methods needed to maintain a healthy and profitable cotton crop. For those who are concerned about pesticide use in crops, we hope this information will put your mind at ease. Dwain also addresses the benefits of using GMO seed to combat infestation of pests and how it actually allows us to spray our fields less often.

Can you tell we're walking in high cotton? Fall is just around the corner and we can't wait for harvest! 

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  • Dear Red Land folks,

    I have been looking to buy some luxury cotton sheets and have been hearing your ads along with Boll & Branch’s ads for several months and have yet to make a decision. We’ve been sleeping on Peach Skin sheets for over a year now and love them. However, I would like to get back to cotton. I like the story behind the ethical practices and procedures of the Boll & Branch sheets, but when I saw that your fabric is weaved in Gaffney, that sealed the deal! My husband is from Gaffney—born & raised, and his aunt married John Hamrick, founder of Hamrick Mills sometime back in the 40’s. My husband’s first cousin also married a Hamrick of the Hamrick retail stores in Gaffney. The Hartzog family still has a retail store on Limestone Street that opened in the 40’s as well.

    I also am glad that these are all-American. At a time when so many in our country are ignoring and even disrespecting the tenets that made this nation great, I believe it is important to support the people and industries that are at the heart of that greatness. I wish you all the best and look forward to the purchase of and sleeping on my new Red Land cotton sheets.


    Julie Hartzog
    Lake Lure, NC

    Julie Hartzog

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