• Behind The Seams — Harvesting & Ginning Red Land Cotton

    Ever wondered what it looks like to go from farm to fabric? Well, there are a lot of steps in between.  Our process starts at the ground level. So every fall, we harvest acres upon acres of the beautiful upland cotton we know and love. From there, we take the round modules of cotton weighing appr... View Post
  • Behind the Seams - Mark and Joe Yeager Talk Fall Plans for the Farm

    My meeting with Mark and Joe Yeager was supposed to be about their Fall plans for Red Land Farms. You know, questions like, what are you working on now? When will you begin picking cotton? But, I quickly found myself asking these two brothers more. I realized these guys answered my farm questions... View Post
  • How It's Grown — Part 11

    We're out in the field and in the office talking cotton, a low carbon footprint, and fair trade.  View Post
  • How It's Grown — Part 9

    You all may know by now, but we take a lot of pride in how we grow our cotton. That dedication to quality starts in the winter months after we harvest our cotton in November. View Post
  • How It's Grown — Part 8

    We're discussing some floral facts about the cotton plant today before a storm rolls in. Right now the plant is fruiting: the beautiful and transformative process in which the cotton plant creates the boll that will eventually open up to give us the fiber we know and love in the fall.  Below ar... View Post
  • How It's Grown — Part 7

    We're out in the cotton field again talking no-till farming, getting a good stand of cotton and growing in Alabama. And yes, there are some rather awesome things coming round the bend for Red Land Cotton! Stay tuned for all the latest developments on the crop and new offerings! View Post
  • How It's Grown — Part 4

    We're back out in the field with Dwain Reed talking about insect management for our cotton plants. Dwain has been checking our cotton for insects and pests for years and is well versed in the methods needed to maintain a healthy and profitable cotton crop. For those who are concerned about pest... View Post
  • How It's Grown — Part 3

    We're back out in the cotton field discussing the growing and fruiting of the cotton plant. Get up close and personal with the plant and see how it working to produce the fiber we all love so much! View Post