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How To Build A Perfect Bed

How To Build A Perfect Bed

See our tips for building a better bed this Fall!

Step 1: Color: Your bed is your sanctuary: Keep your color choices neutral and calming to promote a sense of calm and peace in your space. Trend toward a monochromatic color scheme for a simple and beautiful bed.

Step 2: Create Height By Layering Pillows: We like using euro sized pillows in the back of the bed, followed by standard or king-size shams in a matte texture. Finally, add a pop of character and fun color with accent pillows. These accent pillows can be changed out with the season and be a focal point for the bed.

Step 3: Beginning & Ending with Texture: Start by layering your bed with euro-sized pillows against your headboard. Choosing shams with a bit of texture invites the eye upward. At the end of your bed, use a folded throw or a quilt with the same pattern, texture, or color as you used in your euro shams. This will compliment your shams and tie the look together.

Step 4: Layers of Warmth: Style optional layers at the bottom of your bed that can be removed or pulled up depending on your sleep preferences. This is particularly necessary for guest bedrooms so your guests can adjust their layers to their needs. A bed size blanket, a quilt or a throw added at the bottom of the bed gives the eye a place to rest and your guests a place to snuggle up and relax.


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