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How To Make Your Bathroom Feel Luxurious

How To Make Your Bathroom Feel Luxurious

Sometimes you want to lay in the lap of luxury. One of the best ways you can do this is by revamping the various rooms of your house. Today, we’re going to discuss a room we spend a lot of time in but probably don’t pay much attention to when it’s time to redecorate: the bathroom. You spend some of the most important parts of your day there, and it’s often the first place you go after waking up. You’ll want to make a stellar impression in the morning since that experience carries you throughout your day.

It doesn’t take much to make your bathroom feel like the country club or hotel of your dreams—right at home. How do you make your bathroom feel more luxurious so that you enjoy every second spent there? Read on to find out more.

Invest in the Right Towels

Here at Red Land Cotton, we offer the best American-made bedding and towels that money can buy. Invest in our bath towels to add a crucial luxury element to your space. High-quality cotton towels should be breathable and gentle on sensitive skin. Durability is also a factor to consider, as you want to decrease the likelihood of fraying and tears.

Above all, you likely want a towel with great absorbency, and cotton is a fantastic material in this regard. You should search for a towel set that’s woven to the selvedge edge and has a relatively high GSM. Our towels are roughly 620 GSM. This allows the towel to be soft and absorbent but also dry quickly so it’s ready for this next bath or shower! There’s something about the softness of cotton against your skin that you can’t beat. Luckily for you, our towel collection fits the bill!

Choose Proper Lighting

We can’t deny that lighting can make or break a room. Too many bathrooms feature harsh lights that hurt your eyes. If you find yourself squinting each morning you visit your bathroom, switch out your bulbs. Instead of fluorescent white lights, opt for soft yellow lights.

New light fixtures can transform the atmosphere of the space, and dimmers are even more useful for achieving your desired ambience at any time. If you’re going to adjust your lighting using fixtures, choose downlights or lenses to mitigate harshness. If you can, take advantage of natural lighting as well. Natural light from windows will make things less jarring when you turn on your electric lights.

Get the Right Candles for the Perfect Scent

A good candle can mask odors and make your bathroom visit a pleasant experience. From the gently dancing flame to the subtle scent, candles can contribute to a wonderful, refreshing atmosphere. The best candles are also soothing and can create a mood that will keep you in high spirits. For instance, we carry a fresh, clean scent made for us by Sent Apothecary that’s sure to keep your mood clear and upbeat. Our Signature scent includes notes of sea salt, lemon, and cotton for a fresh and clean smell that burns clean and even.

Get a New Mirror

This change is easier said than done. However, installing a new mirror is rewarding and can completely change the look of your bathroom. While you’ll see the same person in the mirror, the shape and frame designs will greatly change the character of the space. Something as simple as a mirror can make all the difference in the look and feel of your bathroom. Large, frameless mirrors can create the illusion of more space, while maximalist mirrors can add a grander feel. Some mirrors can also hide storage space for toothbrushes, soaps, and mouthwash. Changing your mirror is a fantastic way to make your bathroom more luxurious.

Repaint and Modernize

Repainting any wall in the home is a smart idea, but repainting your bathroom is particularly impactful. You can cover up wear and tear that might be there from hanging pictures or even chipped paint. A fresh coat can completely change the look of a room. You can even match the theme of your home or create a new one for your spa-like bathroom space. When we buy a house, we often keep the bathroom that we inherit the same, which may or may not match our personal tastes. Take this opportunity to customize this space and create a room you adore.

Invest in a Plush Bathrobe

Investing in a luxurious bathrobe is a game changer. There’s nothing better than slipping into a fresh bathrobe after a long, hot shower or bath. Luxury isn’t just in what you see and smell—it’s also in what you feel. Spas make an effort to engage all your senses, and you can bring that experience home.

Here at Red Land Cotton, we craft our bathrobes from two-ply terry cotton fabric. Between the durability and crispness of the material, the deep pockets, and the shawl collar, you’ll leave that bath or shower feeling stellar!

Add Seating

We can’t deny that you need seating in the bathroom. You may need to take advantage of this several times, whether you’re shaving or need a place to sit when brushing your teeth. Who said you had to stand the whole time? Overall, a small bench or stool can be there to make your experience far more comfortable. Seating is a wonderful addition; we’re sure your guests will appreciate it.

Organize Your Linen Closet

You’ll always want to have extra towels on hand. Consider switching your old washcloths for something new. Old, worn washcloths can ruin the sense of luxury, even if you put everything we’ve mentioned into practice. We recommend using some of our cotton bath towel sets to help you replace everything at once and create a cohesive, welcoming bathroom.

If you can, put your towels and linens in wicker or wire baskets for a streamlined look. Organizing your items will make finding towels a breeze for yourself and visiting guests. If you store bedsheets and pillowcases in the same closet, be sure to keep bathroom items and bedding on separate shelves.

If you’re looking to reflect the spa experience in your home, consider ways to both organize your towels and put them on display. You can use dividers or stack your towels like a pyramid. Different folding methods also contribute to a polished, pristine look. No matter what you do, you should make the closet’s contents neat, clean, and customized to your needs.

In short, there are many ways to make your home more luxurious. You can use one or each of our tips here. Regardless, shopping at Red Land Cotton can help you luxuriate your space. Shop Red Land Cotton today!

How To Make Your Bathroom Feel Luxurious
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