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How to Organize Your Linen Closet

How to Organize Your Linen Closet

It’s hard to keep a clean house 24/7 when there are so many other things on your mind. Kids need help with homework, and then there’s the chore of figuring out what to cook for dinner. Perhaps the most neglected space in everyone’s home is their linen closet. This area typically becomes a catchall for towels or extra bed sheets. As easy as it is to throw things in there without a second thought, everyone should try their hardest to keep the space clean. Your life will be so much simpler when you don’t have to ruffle through such a confuddled wardrobe. Read this guide on how to organize your linen closet so you can get the peace of mind you deserve.

Create a System

The first thing you should do when attempting to organize your linen closet is breaking the mindset that it’s a messy space where people can throw whatever they want. It’d help if you tried to take this mission seriously and develop an organization system so that it’s easier to find things. A simple method you can follow would be to separate the closet by item type. For example, bedding would be on the left, and toiletries would go on the right. Creating this separation will save everyone tons of time in the future. Another useful tip would be to think about color coordination. It’ll take you seconds to grab a towel if these items are red, and your sheets are white. The sooner you create a pattern that works for you, the more stress-free your life will be.

Fold Your Sheets

Folding fitted sheets isn’t for the faint of heart. Lots of people get frustrated by the task and end up rolling them into a ball. While this method saves time, it leaves your sheets a wrinkled mess that will be more difficult to smooth out when it comes time to put the sheets on your bed. No one wants their houseguests to sleep on crinkly bedding when they come to visit. So please, take the time to fold your fitted sheets so they stay smooth and crisp for you and your guests. Start by draping the fitted sheet over your hands and flipping it inside out. Then, fold the sheet in half while you’re standing up, and tuck the right corner of the cloth into the left corner. Then rotate the sheet in your hands so that you can do the same thing to the other side. Once all the edges have been tucked in properly, lay the sheet on a flat surface so you can fold it even further. Although this process takes a little more time, it’s worth it in the end.

Not only will folding your sheets keep them smoother, but it’ll also create so much more room in your linen closet. There will hardly be any room for other trinkets and toiletries in the armoire if sheets are crumpled up into a ball. You can make things easier on yourself when your loved ones come to stay. Make sure to only purchase high-quality linens, as well. Your family and friends deserve the best, so you should check out Red Land Cotton’s wide selection of bed sheet sets made in USA. People will book a hotel immediately if you pull out bedding that’s over a decade old. Show your guests you care by getting top-of-the-line sheets before they arrive.

Baskets & Containers

Another pro tip on how to organize your linen closet is to get baskets and containers for extra storage. It’s awful when you open the closet door and knick-knacks come flying out at you. Prevent this mess from happening by buying carriers that’ll assist you in your goal to stay tidy. Certain containers can also add style and dimension to the nook. A wicker basket will stand out against a stark white closet full of neutral linens. Think about getting different sized bins, too. Some containers are more suitable for storing beach towels, while others can hide away ponytail holders that are left aimlessly around the house. Purchasing baskets and containers is one investment you won’t regret.

Labels Are Your Friend

Part of the reason why people hate going to their linen closets is that it’s impossible to find anything. Every parent has dealt with a child’s meltdown when they can’t find a fresh pillowcase with the preferred Disney character on it. Avoid these tantrums in the future by putting labels on everything. Mark your shelves where the towels are, as well as the ones above them that store the sheets. Think about labeling your baskets and containers too. You won’t believe how stress-free your family will act if they can find what they’re looking for in a matter of seconds.


Adding hooks to the door of your linen closet is a true gamechanger. Summer is the season of rain. Being outside while it’s sprinkling can have a calming effect on you. Yet, this blissful state is ruined when you walk inside and realize you have nowhere to put your raincoat. Hooks will solve this problem quickly. Everyone deserves a space where they can come and throw their jacket after a long day. Much like sheets, it’s not a wise idea to throw your coat into the space without giving it a second thought. Your garment will get wrinkly, and it may even rip. Installing racks will take some stress out of the process. You’ll love summer rains even more when you can go inside and put away your raincoat for the day. Remember to put a towel on the floor in case water drips downward.

Storage is key in every household. Messes add unnecessary stress to an already exhausting day. That’s why it’s crucial to keep every area in your home as clean as you can. This sentiment applies to your house’s linen closet, as well. Please, try to change your mindset about the space. The armoire shouldn’t be an area where everyone can throw their things. Instead, everyone will be happier if you create a system that makes it easier to find things when needed. Your family and friends will appreciate your organizational efforts the next time they visit, as well.

How to Organize Your Linen Closet

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