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How to Update Your Bedroom for Summer

How to Update Your Bedroom for Summer

Summer is finally upon us. The mercury’s rising, skies are clear, and lots of people are lying on their lawns trying to get a tan. Yet, as fun as it is to spend the summer outside, summertime is also a great opportunity to tackle some projects around the house. For example, homeowners should use this period to freshen up their bedrooms. These tips on how to update your bedroom for summer will help anyone transform the space into the oasis of their dreams.

Start With Your Bed

The first thing you should do to prepare your bedroom for summer is change over your bedding. During the winter and spring, everyone wants thick bedding that will keep them warm at night. This sentiment reverses completely during the summertime. The next sections of this article will explain how to prepare your bed for the summer months.


There’s nothing worse than being hot while you’re trying to sleep. Avoid this issue altogether by switching out your sheets this summer! Choose a light, breathable fabric that won’t stick to your skin. Red Land Cotton’s fabric is made with a 100% cotton percale with a crisp, cool and matte finish. Plus, all of our bed sheets are made in the USA! Not only are our sheets made in America, but we also make them from a substantially large yarn. This allows us to mimic the feel of a higher thread count while allowing for breathability. We promise that you’ll get the best night’s sleep possible if you purchase sheets from Red Land Cotton, plus you’ll also have peace of mind knowing you’ve helped stimulate the American economy.

Add a Quilt

No one needs a heavy duvet on their bed during the summertime. Store your substantial comforter in the closet until fall. Instead, purchase a stylish quilt for your bed this summer. Red Land Cotton’s quilts are much lighter than duvets! A quilt can keep you warm when a summer breeze makes its way through the window without making you sweat. Our quilts are incredibly comfortable with just the right amount of weight for a sweet Summer night. Our styles are classic and versatile for any space!

A Fresh Coat of Paint

After you’ve made up your bed, move on to freshening up other areas of your bedroom. Slap a new coat of paint on the walls to get your room ready for summertime. Be extremely careful when choosing a paint color, though. Select a color that will brighten up the room and emphasize the season. Stick to a neutral color palette if you’re concerned about matching furniture, too. If you do keep things neutral, you can add color by placing bold artwork on the walls. New paint can transform any room and make it feel brand new.

New Window Treatments

Everyone should let in the light this summer. Increased exposure to natural light can actually improve your mood. Also, allowing more sunlight into your bedroom can reduce the cooling costs of your home. So please, shop for new window treatments this summer—ones that make a statement in the room. If everything else in your bedroom is minimalistic, choose window treatments that stand out. You can select turquoise curtains for windows if your bedroom walls are beige. You can even choose a print if you want to be bold. Make sure to buy window treatments of the right fabric, too. Don’t get anything too heavy. The sunlight will radiate off of a heavier fabric and actually make your room hotter. Choose lighter fabrics that are transparent and will let the light in—the more breathable the material, the better.

Invest in a Ceiling Fan

Everyone loves to crash in their bedroom at the end of a hot summer day. Anyone who wants to cool off in their room should invest in a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans are a true game-changer during the summer. These devices can create airflow in a space that doesn’t typically have much. Buying an air conditioning system is a substantial investment. Ceiling fans are a much more affordable option. Not only will a ceiling fan cool down the room, but it can also be a staple design feature in your room. People’s eyes venture upward when they enter a room. Give guests something to look at by hanging a ceiling fan up there. There are tons of different options made from different materials that will fit with any aesthetic.

Implement Summer Scents

Summer has a distinct smell. There’s nothing better than breathing in fresh-cut grass or smelling blooming flowers. Do your best to bring those scents into your bedroom this summer. Purchase a diffuser so you can let summertime scents flow through the area. You’ll be transported outside as you drift off to sleep. Another way to bring classic summer smells into your bedroom is with scented candles. Shop around for candles made from scents you like, and create the oasis of your dreams by lighting candles all around you. You’ll feel so relaxed, you’ll have no trouble drifting off at the end of your day. Just make sure to blow out the flames before you fall asleep.

This guide on how to prepare your bedroom for summer will help you get ready for the change in weather. There’s nothing better than climbing into bed after being in the sun all day. If you want to reach a state of total bliss, your bedroom needs to be the ultimate escape. So please, check out our sheets at Red Land Cotton. Our sheets offer unique breathability that will keep you cool all through those summer nights. We also have high-quality quilts for anyone that gets chilly while they’re resting.

Once your bed is perfect, focus on getting other areas of your room ready for the change in season. Slap on a coat of paint to freshen up the space and install new window treatments for increased natural light. Make sure to replace your window screens, as well. Window screens will allow a nice breeze to carry throughout the area. Finally, bring the outdoors in with the purchase of a diffuser. Soon enough, your bedroom will be so spectacular that you’ll never want to leave.

Update Your Bedroom for Summer

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