Interview With Eric Bolling

We were thrilled to travel to DC earlier this year and be on America with Eric Bolling. We shared our farm-to-home story, talked agriculture, trade deals and being American made. 


  • Posted by David Speakman on

    I love shopping with y’all! Good to see you with Eric. I would add that we all love a free market, but the way that some other countries do trade with the USA is not free or fair. The WTO (World Trade Organization) designates China as a “developing country”, even though their major cities are more modern and developed that cities in the USA. This is not free or fair because it gives them a trading advantage and it gives American manufacturers, like you, a disadvantage. Additionally, the communist government of China lets businesses treat their workers with the worst possible working conditions & compensation, giving their citizens a horrible quality of life, in order to undercut American manufacturers. This is not fair to Chinese citizens, who lose their health or life, or to American workers, who lose their jobs.

    I’m in need of a comforter & pillow. I’ll be watching my email for the announcement. I almost bought some from another seller, but saw this video and will wait to buy from you because you make wonderful quality products that feel like home and have good ethics & values.

  • Posted by Susan Sanmartin on

    Thank you for posting this interview. American farmers, cotton processors, spinners, dyers, and weavers, not to mention e-commerce marketers, can own the supply and distribution chain and succeed not only in producing superior goods at a competitive price, but along the way, can show how they can do this when the economic incentives to outsource and to tolerate unfair foreign competition are removed from the scenario.

  • Posted by Daphne Sittason on

    FANTASTIC interview! So proud of this company!

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