• Our Best Gifts For Dad

    We know Dad deserves only the best! Why not give him America's best? From our quilts to our sheets, we're sure you'll find the perfect gift to keep him comfy and cozy! The Red Land Classic Sheet Set Let's start with our #1 best seller from the beginning. The intricate stitching sets this set apar... View Post
  • Styling Our Baby Bedding

    Providing the bedding you lay your child on is a responsibility I do not take lightly. It was so important to me that I make a collection that was timeless and classic but also soft and safe. View Post
  • From Scrap Fabric To Works Of Art

    See how one Alabama artist used our fabric remnants to create beautiful works of art.  View Post
  • Interview With Eric Bolling

    We were thrilled to travel to DC earlier this year and be on America with Eric Bolling. We shared our farm-to-home story, talked agriculture, trade deals and being American made. 

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  • Traditions Used To Be Something Handed Down

    A few weeks ago, we gave baby Katharine a tour of the family business. She was able to spend time at the store with me and tour the farm with her Grandfather, Mark. We believe in teaching the values of hard work, perseverance, and dedication at an early age — my daughter is no exception.    ... View Post
  • Madeline Gray - The Inspiration Behind Our Sheets

    Most of you won’t remember Decatur, Alabama in the 1920s or even know of the city today. But it’s in this North Alabama town where a significant part of Red Land Cotton’s story actually began. See, it was in the 1920s that Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Madeline Gray set up housekeeping in a home on Gra... View Post
  • An Interview with Anna on Working Motherhood

    The moment I came across a newspaper article on Red Land Cotton almost 2 years ago, I was enamored with the business. (Hence, why I write for RLC and love doing it!) I just had so many questions and was very proud of an all-American made company that was based in Alabama. In some ways, I offer a ... View Post
  • From Crib to College & Beyond - Bedding Bundles to Grow with You

    \We want each phase of life to be comfortable and convenient with the best cotton products one can buy (ours!). Also, by bundling our products, we’re offering a 10% discount compared to buying each piece separately. Y’all, it’s the 4 C’s – Cotton bedding that’s Comfortable, Convenient and Cost-e... View Post