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Is And Always Will Be American Made

Is And Always Will Be American Made

It would be easy to say this post was inspired by the July 4th holiday. And maybe it is in a way.

But truthfully, it's more complicated than that. Our patriotism runs deep…not just a few holidays throughout the year. See, we’ve worked hard from the VERY START of Red Land Cotton to make it an American-made product in every way.

This post explains how we produce our high-quality bedding ALL in the great United States.

Beginning in the Red Dirt of Alabama

Mark Yeager, our co-founder and head farmer, first bought farmland in 1979, the year he graduated high school. It was an 80-acre cattle farm, and as a third-generation farmer, it was a natural step for Mark.

Then, in 1988, he married his wife Cassandra and officially started Red Land Farms on 750 acres in Lawrence County, Alabama. (Y’all, 1988 was a big year for Mark!)

Fast forward to 2015 when Mark’s sister commented on one of his Instagram posts that she would love a set of sheets made from that red land cotton. The idea for our company was born right there – where modern technology met the red dirt of Alabama.

A family friend loaned us an heirloom sheet from the 1920s, and we knew then that we wanted our product to match this quality. We worked with textile engineers to help us determine the weave construction and thread size.

We were off and running with Red Land Cotton!

Ginning, Spinning and Weaving, Our Way!

We usually start planting each year around Easter, and every September through November, we pick our cotton crop.

All that beautiful, white cotton then heads to our family-owned gin for custom ginning. That way, we guarantee only the highest quality fibers leave us in Lawrence County, Alabama to serve your family…wherever you are. :)

But, as you've probably guessed, there are several more steps between our gin and your home. :)

From the Yeager Gin Company, we transport the fiber to the great state of South Carolina for spinning and weaving.

These are two separate processes so we use different mills to complete these steps. To learn more about spinning and weaving, read here and here. Simply put, though, spinning turns our loose cotton fibers into yarn, and then weaving transforms the yarn into large bolts of greige (raw) fabric.

We work closely with these mills in South Carolina to ensure our product is pure Red Land Cotton and that quality is top of mind. 

Some of our fabric remains in South Carolina where it's transferred to another mill for finishing. For example, our Lawrence Ticking Stripe is finished and printed at another mill in the great textile state!

Georgia On My Mind

From our weaving looms in South Carolina, our raw cloth heads to Georgia. There, it is “finished,” meaning the cloth is turned into what most of us consider to be the soft smooth fabric we know and love. Essentially, the raw fabric is washed, bleached (in the case of our white fabric) and treated so that you can wash and use the fabric for years to come. 

We use minimal processing and minimal chemical interaction so our products are safer for you. That’s why our bedding when washed dries with a slight wrinkle. Y’all, these are some wrinkles we’re fine with. :) To learn more about "finishing," check out this post.

Back to Sweet Home Alabama

Now, to make our cloth actually look like sheets, duvets, and shams!

Our finished fabric leaves Georgia and is transported back to our hometown in Moulton, AL.

Here, we employ talented seamstresses to cut and sew the large bolts of cloth into heirloom, high-quality linens for your home. They add the artful designs found in all our products like the custom patchwork duvet covers and our Hemstitched Sheets. (This post gives more insights into our designs.)

We feel the hand touch these women provide make our products even more special. And, check back in a few weeks because we’re doing a whole post featuring these ladies and their work. We’re excited to share this behind-the-scenes with you soon!

To Conclude

The last step is to lovingly and carefully package our linens for shipment to your home. We do this in the back of our store in Moulton.

And this only details the process of making our sheets! Our towels and quilts are also made 100% in the USA and utilize more manufacturers in Georgia, Texas and Missouri! 

It is truly an honor and privilege to provide bedding and towels for you...made exclusively from the cotton grown on our farm in Alabama and processed in America the beautiful.

Red Land Cotton is and always will be American made.

Happy 4th of July, y'all. :) 


PS: Visit our store at 1000 County Road 213, Moulton, AL 35650.



By: Rachel Eubanks, a girl blessed with a small-town Alabama raising. She grew a deep appreciation for farming as she watched her father, an extension agent, work alongside farmers for over 30 years. She now lives outside of Huntsville, AL.  
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