The Store on Lawrence Street...The Relevancy of Old & Beauty of New

 A new store born from old, a bygone pharmacy and soda shop, then cleaners.

A new store with shelves now lined with white and cream, like stacks of soft books.

A new store where the relevancy of old merges with the beauty of new, where lines blur between...heirloom, modern, timeless.

A new store. On Lawrence Street.


For Red Land Cotton, our decision was an easy, yet tough one. Does that make sense? See, when we decided to open a storefront, we knew we wanted it in our hometown of Moulton, AL. That decision was easy.

It Gets Tougher, Though

But exactly where in Moulton was a bit tougher. We had two options. The first, to put our storefront in a new building...a strip mall. That would've been easier in a lot of ways. For example, we wouldn't have been involved with much of the initial prep. We would've entered the picture when the building was ready and only the final touches were needed to make it Red Land Cotton-ish.

Our second option, we could move into an old building on the corner of Main Street and Lawrence, right smack-dab in downtown Moulton. Seems like a no-brainer, right?

We’re definitely dreamers around here, but we recognize reality as well. Old buildings are challenging to bring up to snuff and to make ready for modern technology. So, it wasn’t exactly a no-brainer.

The Relevancy of Old and the Beauty of New

In the end, we went with the old building. It just seemed right.

We couldn’t pass on the opportunity to merge old with new. That’s really what Red Land Cotton is.

Three generations of Yeager's farming, laying the foundation for something new…Red Land Cotton sheets, duvet covers, and towels. Linens of today designed and engineered from linens of the 1920s. Farming practices of old studied and improved to produce the best cotton today.

Red Land Cotton celebrates the relevancy of old and the beauty of new. And our old building on the corner of Lawrence and Main does just that…a physical iteration of an abstract notion.

A Little History

Our building was built in the early 1900s. It started as a drug store and soda shop. Picture the scene from It’s A Wonderful Life when the young George Bailey pops into his after-school job at Mr. Gower's drug store and sitting at the counter is Mary, waiting to order a scoop of ice cream. That’s what I envision this building being in its original form.

As with many things, the drug store closed, and our building housed others businesses over the years, the last being a dry cleaner that closed over a year ago.

The cleaners setup proved perfect for us. We have a small display area in the front for you to browse with plenty of room for inventory and fulfilling online orders in the back.

Inside the Store

In order to give our customers a complete shopping experience, we partnered with 2 other businesses, 1818 Farms and The Laundress to offer more products.

In our store, you can purchase bath products from 1818 Farms, a farm-to-home business like ours based in Mooresville, AL. Our thoughts…you’re buying towels for yourself or a friend, then you may want to purchase bath products as well. (And, I’m just saying…1818 Farms posts some bea.u.ti.ful. pictures on Instagram. You can’t go wrong with babydoll sheep, a big fluffy dog and flowers that look straight from a magazine!) We think you’ll love their bath products as much as we love their Instagram feed!

We also extended southern hospitality to our northern neighbors Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd, founders of The Laundress. Their company is based in New York City and specializes in eco-friendly laundry detergent and fabric care. We used their products ourselves for a while and fell in love. See, we get a lot of questions about how to best care for linens and towels. We wanted to offer a solution (The Laundress products!) right there in our store.

Ya'll Come See Us!

We would love for you to visit our store at the corner of Main and Lawrence in Moulton, Alabama. We are open Monday through Friday, 10 am to 4 pm.

And once you leave us, you can pop over to John’s Bar-B-Que where you can get great sweet tea and chicken, onions and pickles deep fried on a stick. It’s delicious! A rare find! Much like our linens and towels.

See y’all soon!  

We are located on the corner of Lawrence and Main Street on the historic downtown square:

558 Lawrence Street 
Moulton, AL 35650 





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  • I love, love, love your sheets! I grew up in Madison, Al during the height of it’s farming legacies. I was introduced to 1818 Farms last year and love that you and they support each other. I am telling all my friends about your products and can’t wait to visit your store. I applaud you and your family for your effort to preserve your farming heritage in such a serviceable way. Please keep it up. Sincerely, Paula

    Paula Richeson

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