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Quality Upland Cotton Fibers

Quality Upland Cotton Fibers

The best linens are made from the best fibers. There is a whole classing system for cotton fibers and we are pretty proud of how our 2015 crop measured up! Below are explanations of each classing category and how our quality cotton fibers ranked. 

Red Land Cotton Fiber Strength - 31.93

scale:  strong: 31 & above  —  weak: 23 & below

Strength measurements are reported in grams per tex. A "tex" unit is equal to the weight in grams of 1,000 meters of fibers. Sooo... the fiber strength is determined by the force (in grams) that is takes to break a bundle of fibers one "tex" unit in size. Fiber strength directly influences the strength of the spun yarn and as a result, the durability of your final product. We grow em strong in North Alabama!

Red Land Cotton Micronaire - 4.51

readings of 3.5 - 3.6 or 4.3 - 4.9 is a good base measurement

Micronaire is a measure of fiber fineness and maturity. It is a critical measurement in determining how easily cotton fiber can be processed... of all the measurements, this may be the most important. An airflow instrument is used to measure the air permeability of a constant mass of cotton fibers compressed to a fixed volume. When the measurement comes in too low (too thin), the cotton is more likely to tangle around debris, resulting in fiber loss. When it is too high (too thick), it also causes problems since a coarser fiber negatively affects the spinning process, as well as overall quality. 

Red Land Cotton Length Uniformity: 82.02%

scale: low: 77 & below  — high: 85 & above

Length uniformity is a lot like what it sounds like! It is the ratio between the mean length and the upper half mean length of the fibers, expressed as a percentage. Length Uniformity affects both evenness and strength of the resulting yarn. Cotton with low uniformity is likely to have more short fibers and produce low-quality yarn. 

Red Land Cotton Leaf Grade: 3

scale: 1 (high) — 8 (low)

Leaf grade is a measure of the leaf content left in the cotton after being cleaned in the ginning process. Leaf content is affected by variety, harvest methods and harvesting conditions. From the manufacturing standpoint, leaf content is all waste and costly — so the less leaf the better. 

Red Land Cotton Color

based on this photo of our cotton during the lay down process... we'll let you decide!

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