• Traditions Used To Be Something Handed Down

    A few weeks ago, we gave baby Katharine a tour of the family business. She was able to spend time at the store with me and tour the farm with her Grandfather, Mark. We believe in teaching the values of hard work, perseverance, and dedication at an early age — my daughter is no exception.    ... View Post
  • A Pause for Nostalgia and a Heartfelt Thank You

    By the time most of you read this, the event will be over. But its significance to Red Land Cotton will still be strong, almost tangible to us. The event – Made South Holiday Market in Nashville, TN (Nov. 17-18, 2017) The significance – It was our first opportunity to take our actual products out... View Post
  • History of the Towel - From Turkish Baths to Southern Charm

    Y'all. Sweet Tea. With ice. And...bless your heart. These things are southern charm through and through. It's about extending yourself just a little more than necessary. A door held open for the next person. A nod of appreciation for a job well done. A plate piled high with warm biscuits signali... View Post
  • A Cotton Anniversary

    There is great significance in cotton as an anniversary gift in the second year of marriage. Like cotton, we seek to find durability, versatility, and strength in our marriages. What could be a more appropriate symbol of this kind of relationship than cotton? View Post
  • The Sunny Side of Soap

    Isn't it funny that after all these years we are still debating what the best detergent is to clean our linens? From the bargain jugs of detergent at the grocery store to the teeny tiny bottles of luxury suds in the local mercantile, we are faced with a multitude of buying options with li... View Post
  • The Ironing Board

    your most dreaded and hated task — tackled and analyzed. Let's look at that nasty chore from a slightly different angle. Maybe you will find a soft spot in your heart for the little iron OR maybe you won't. Either way, you will learn a little history and get some ironing inspiration!     ... View Post
  • Our Founding Farmer's Cover Photo in 1997

    We're throwing it back on this #TBT to when our founder and chief farmer, Mark Yeager appeared on the cover of Cotton Grower Magazine in August of 1997. Mark has always believed in growing big ideas and Red Land Cotton is no exception.  Read the full article below.  north alabama cotton grow... View Post