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A Cotton Anniversary

A Cotton Anniversary

As the wedding season starts, we've had several customers come to us looking for gifts to celebrate their second wedding anniversary — the cotton anniversary. I too will celebrate my second wedding anniversary in July! So I got to wondering about the true significance behind the "cotton" theme. And, THIS is what I discovered:
Cotton Anniversary Gifts cotton anniversary 

The History of Themed Anniversary Gifts:

The tradition of celebrating anniversaries with a themed gift goes back to the Middle Ages in the Germanic regions of Europe. The husband would give his wife a crown made of silver on their 25th wedding anniversary and if they lived to see the 50th anniversary, she got a crown of gold. The idea was that as your marriage endures and strengthens over time, so does the strength of the metal in the crown. We see the theme durability and strength continue to play out in the yearly themed anniversary gifts we give today. 

Cotton Anniversary

Why Cotton For Year Number 2:

I found the significance of the symbolism of cotton very interesting. We know cotton fibers to be adaptable, strong when woven together, and long lasting. For a couple in their second year of marriage, these attributes are particularly relevant. By your second year, you have probably weathered a few storms together. You have hopefully grown closer together because of these life challenges and you look forward to a strong and long lasting marriage. What would be a more appropriate symbol for this than a gift made from cotton? 

Other Comparisons Made Between Cotton and A Relationship:

1. Cotton is practical and versatile with many applications. There is a lot of growth and change that happens in a marriage or relationship. As we travel through life with our partners, it's important to be flexible and adaptable to the other person's needs less we break apart. 

2. Cotton woven together creates a strong durable fabric. It says in Ecclesiastes 4:12," A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart." It is true for cotton fibers and true for marriage. As your life becomes increasingly intertwined with your partners over the second year, it will become more and more difficult for anything to separate the two of you. 

3. Cotton gifts that are related to your home bring on a whole new set of meanings. A gift of cotton bedding, draperies or blankets send a message of desiring to build a strong, durable and comfortable home together. 

Cotton Anniversary Cotton Anniversary Cotton Anniversary

Best Wishes and Blessings to Relationships as Strong, Durable and Inspiring As Cotton!

As always, we would love to be a part of any special occasion of yours! If you would like to send a gift with a handwritten note to your loved one, simply write your message in the "notes" box at checkout and we will deliver your order with a handwritten note inside! 


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