• From Our Table To Yours: Martha's Dressing Recipe

    At Red Land Cotton, we are honored to share a piece of our family and our farm with you through our bedding and bath towels! We also like to share little traditions, stories, and recipes because that's just what Southerns like to do and it brings us closer to our goal of showing hospitality to a... View Post
  • A Review of Joanna Gaines Lemon Pie (Hint: It's AMAZING)

    So, I was snuggled in bed between my gorgeous Madeline Gray sheets ;) reading the Spring issue of Magnolia Journal and I came across the recipe for Joanna's Lemon Pie. I'm a lemon lover (I know that sounds weird). But I love a lemon in my water, I have lemon scented soaps and candles throughout ... View Post
  • Pumpkin Bread — A Red Land Tradition

    making this pumpkin bread recipe has been a fall tradition for as long as i can remember... this bread embodies the season and is the perfect breakfast loaf!  The night before Thanksgiving, we were making our deviled eggs, broccoli salad, and dessert. We got done a little earlier than antici... View Post
  • Grandma Yeager's Sourdough Bread

    At Red Land Cotton, we strive to share the story of a simpler and more beautiful time in American history. We hope to do this through our products but also through stories we tell and information we share. With that, we would like to share a little recipe from our Grandma Yeager's kitchen. this ... View Post