Tis the Season... For Tea Towels!

Tis the season for gatherings! From Halloween parties to football barbecues to Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas celebrations, we've hit a busy, fun-filled season!

Here at Red Land Cotton, we believe our kitchen towels are a perfect compliment to the season.

Give them as hostess gifts (it's rude to show up empty-handed) or as Christmas presents to family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, teachers, etc. They roll up nicely for perfect stocking stuffers, too! (wink, wink!)

Our Southern Tea and Dish Towels are made exclusively from our cotton so you get the same RLC quality that is present in our bedding and bath towels.

In fact, our decorative tea towels are made from scrap fabric left over from cutting and sewing our sheets. Wasting things is not in our nature. See, we feel it's our responsibility to be good stewards of our resources so about two years ago we created our tea towels and dish towels as a way to use scrap fabric in a beautiful, high-quality way.

And bonus, they have Southern charm oozing from them... like how that homemade muscadine jelly of your grandmother's drips from your biscuit. :)

Southern Tea Towels:

Southern Seasonal Tea Towels:

Southern Dish Towels:

Our dish towels are larger than our tea towels. They measure 29 in. by 30 in.

To Conclude

We hope as you read our tea and dish towel phrases, several of your loved ones came to mind. :) 

And we love how our "scrap" material becomes quality, thoughtful, useful goods like tea towels and dish towels. (FYI, we use "scraps" to make some of our duvet covers too - Abbey Church Patchwork Duvet Cover and Baker Lane Patchwork Duvet Cover. The women of Southern Sewn help us do it!)

Let's end with this little piece of honesty: no Southern kitchen can ever have too many tea or dish towels. :)

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