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Ways to Improve Your Bedroom’s Organization

Ways to Improve Your Bedroom’s Organization

There’s nothing better than coming home from work and relaxing in your bedroom. You can change into your pajamas, decompress from the day, and lay in your bed without a care in the world. However, you can’t easily relax in an unorganized bedroom. These tips on how to improve your bedroom’s organization will relieve stress from your life and transform your bedroom into the oasis you deserve.

Clean Your Bedroom

One of the simplest things you can do to improve your bedroom’s organization is to clean it. Throw away any junk just lying around. If you have carpet in your bedroom, use a carpet cleaner to thoroughly remove stains, and follow this up by vacuuming it. If your bedroom has hardwood floors, use a broom to sweep up debris and give things a polished look. Dust the rest of your room as well, which includes behind the furniture and under the bed. Simply cleaning your bedroom will give it a more refined and organized appearance.

Rearrange Your Bed

Rearranging your bed can greatly improve your bedroom’s organization. Your bed can feel really messy if the sheets don’t fit properly, and the pillows are just thrown about. Start by removing everything from your bed. A clean slate will help you visualize things more clearly. Once you take everything off, follow this three-step process to rearrange your bed:

1. Start With Sheets

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind when you rearrange your bed is to get a solid fitted sheet. If your sheets don’t fit, it will look messy; it also will be fairly uncomfortable to sleep on. Our fitted sheets made in the USA provide comfort, and they look amazing as well. A well made fitted sheet will give your bed a more refined look and improve the overall organization of your bedroom.

2. Add Your Top Layers

Your duvet or quilt plays a big role in improving your bedroom’s organization too. Make sure to wash your duvet cover after you remove everything from your bed. This will get rid of any stains or unwanted markings and leave a fresh and revived look. After you wash it, place your crisp and clean duvet or quilt on top of your fitted and flat sheets… and make your bed! Make sure the top layer is even on all on sides, so one corner doesn’t hang lower than the others. This symmetry will anchor the room.

3. Arrange the Pillows

Appropriately arranged pillows will help improve tidiness in your bedroom and draw the eye to the focal point of your bedroom… the bed! Arrange your pillows from big to small—place the pillows you use to sleep toward the back of the bed, and put throw pillows in the front. We like to recommend starting with Euro pillows in the back and adding your king size or standard pillows in the front of the bed. Again, make sure everything is even.

Organize Your Closet

To have an organized bedroom, you must have an organized closet. As we all know… those clothes have a tendency to make their way into the bedroom if the closet isn’t fully functional. Closets can get very messy, especially if you put multiple things on one hanger or if the hangers are broken. First, clear out your closet, and evaluate what hangers you need to replace. This is also a great opportunity to go through your clothes, and see if you have any items to donate. Getting rid of some items will get you more organized and help increase efficiency when picking out an outfit in the morning. Aside from removing your clothes and donating some items, you should also get a few items that can improve your closet’s organization. For example, there are hangers with multiple layers that allow you to hang several items at once. Moreover, shoe racks provide a great way to organize that ever-growing shoe pile.

Structure Your Drawers

It’s very easy for drawers to become unorganized, especially in a bedroom. Clear out your drawers to give your space some more structure. Consider installing dividers in your drawers to keep things nice and orderly. Also, fold every piece of clothing you keep in a drawer. Properly fold all shirts and pants, and make sure that every sock has their appropriate match. Anyone that keeps knick-knacks in their bedroom drawers should also consider getting a little box to keep things separate and tidy. This applies to jewelry as well. Don’t get in the habit of throwing jewelry aimlessly into a drawer. Instead, place items into a jewelry box every time you finish using them.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Rearranging your furniture can definitely make your bedroom more functional, and therefore, more organized. Begin by evaluating your bedroom. How well do things flow? Is the layout cramped? Are things too spread out, so you have a lot of unused space in the room? If the latter applies to you, consider putting more furniture items in your bedroom, so you can fill the space with functional pieces. If things are too close together, spread items out to make sure you utilize the entirety of the space. No matter how you decide to rearrange your furniture, keep functionality in mind. It wouldn’t make sense to put an armchair directly in front of your closet door.

Establish a Routine

Continuously focus on keeping your bedroom organized. Make your bed every day, properly fold clothes and put them neatly into drawers, and put jewelry back into the box. The more consistent your routine, the less likely your bedroom will become messy again. Don’t allow yourself to slack off and put things off until the next day. Though it’s easy to say, “I’ll do it tomorrow”, you can make your life easier by performing little tasks every day. You can maintain your bedroom’s organization by tidying up for ten minutes every day, or you can slack of for a few months and have to start the organization process all over again. The choice is simple!

Getting more organized can dramatically improve the quality of your life. When things get messy, you’ll find it difficult to relax and enjoy everything a space has to offer. At Red Land Cotton, we want your bedroom to be a sanctuary where you can go to get away from the stressors of every day life. Our luxurious sheets made in the USA will help give you that restful night’s sleep you dream about. Follow these tips on how to improve your bedroom’s organization, and see how much more peaceful your life becomes.

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