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A Guide to Cold Weather Bedding Essentials

A Guide to Cold Weather Bedding Essentials

Winters are tough, to say the least. The days are shorter, the skies are grayer, and there’s no worse feeling than cold wind hitting your face. That’s why it’s so important to prepare your bed for the winter. Your bed should be the ultimate escape from the frigid weather. Follow this guide to cold weather bedding essentials to make sure your bed is the comforting oasis you deserve. Every day, you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to brave the cold once again.


Sheets are essential to every bed. No one likes to sleep on a bed made with thin, slick, and slippery sheets! If you want your bed to be the ultimate sanctuary from the winter cold, your bed needs to have luxurious sheets with substance, weight, and comfort!

Do your research beforehand and choose sheets that fit with your bedroom’s décor AND meets your comfort criteria. Study up on what makes sheets soft and warm so you can stay super cozy this winter. There’s nothing better than climbing into bed and laying on comfy 100% cotton sheets after a long, chilly day. Here at Red Land Cotton, our sheets are constructed with long staple cotton spun into a thicker yarn that will add comfort to any bed this winter. We pride ourselves on the fact that our sheets are constructed to last with a heavier weight than most sheets found in department stores. Using a larger yarn size with an open percale weave means that our sheets are crisp and breathable, but also warm and snuggly. You get the best of both worlds when you get sheets from Red Land Cotton. With about 1lb of cotton per square yard of fabric, our sheets are perfect to use on cold winter nights!

A bedsheet made during the 1920s was the inspiration for our bedsheets at Red Land Cotton. We wanted to recreate a bedsheet that would transport you back in time the minute you laid down. Once you feel our sheets, you’ll agree that we achieved our goal. Our sheets have a fine-pressed feeling to them that’ll hug your body immediately. After a restful night’s sleep on our heirloom-inspired sheets, you’ll see why we wanted to recreate the magic!


A sturdy quilt is synonymous with winter. After all, who doesn’t love cuddling under a warm quilt in the cold winter months? One way to make sure your bed is ready for the chilly winter season is to invest in a well-constructed quilt.

Our quilts are made with 100% cotton batting, so they aren’t bulky, but instead they are flexible and provide the perfect layer of warmth. Also, our quilts can add extra personality to your bedroom. Our ticking stripe quilts can add color to your bedroom and catch people’s eyes upon entry with that timeless print. We offer our classic quilts in white, natural, and our ticking stripe print in sizes ranging from infant to king/cal king. We’re proud to make our quilts entirely in the USA! With that level of quality, these quilts will surely add spunk to your bedroom décor.

Pillows & Pillow Shams

Decorative pillows can be the determining factor in whether a bed looks comfortable. No one wants to dive into a bed that has no pillows or just a few strewn here and there. Give your head a nice place to rest and deck out your bed with stylish and luxurious pillows and pillow shams. The most important thing to keep in mind with pillow shams is the style. Our pillow shams are timeless and classic, so they fit perfectly into any bedroom décor. Another great thing about our pillow shams is that you can change them whenever you want! You are never married to a particular design. If you don’t like something, swap it out for something else!

Pillow material plays a crucial role in your bedroom’s design as well. Obviously, your pillows should be as comfortable as possible, so we recommend 100% cotton! Cotton pillowcases and shams are fantastic because you can elevate your bed’s design and be comfortable, too. It’s essential to choose the right pillows and shams for every bed so you can stay cozy and stylish this winter!

Duvet Cover

A cozy duvet cover is definitely a cold weather bedding essential. After all, who doesn’t love wrapping themselves in a thick down duvet after being stuck in the cold all day? Much like when you purchase sheets, there are things you should keep in mind when buying a duvet as well.

Consider your bedroom’s design. Often, the duvet cover is the first thing people see when they enter a bedroom. So, try to be as creative as possible in your choice. Use your duvet as an opportunity to make a design statement. We offer options ranging from basic to bold with our patchwork duvet covers and they pair perfectly with our classic quilts for the ultimate winter bed scene! During the winter, you want your duvet to be as thick as possible to keep you warm throughout the night, so we recommend choosing a down or down alternative duvet. It’s worth the investment to purchase a great quality duvet so it won’t be lumpy and frumpy. Adding a duvet with a styling cover is the way to go during the cold weather months. Duvets add extra warmth to your bed when you need it most, so you can stay extra cozy during the long winter months. Choosing the right duvet and duvet cover is so vital because it’s a staple in any bedroom.

This guide to cold weather bedding essentials is perfect for anyone who cannot stand being chilly. Your bed should be the one place you can escape the cold and rejuvenate. Though it’ll be more challenging to get out of bed in the morning, you’ll be grateful for some warm relief at night. So, get in your coziest pajamas and have your slippers ready. You won’t regret making your bed the ultimate winter oasis; in fact, you’ll be grateful for it each time you plop down for the night.


Guide to Cold Weather Bedding

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