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A Recap of 2017 - What a Year for Us!

A Recap of 2017 - What a Year for Us!

As we enter 2018 with all kinds of excitement for the new year, we want to pause a moment to reflect on the past 12 months. Y’all, it was quite a year!

Much of that goodness is thanks to you guys! Thank you for believing in our products, buying them and pushing us for more.


We’ve got even bigger plans for 2018. Those details are coming in a future post so stay tuned.

+ Two Lines

In 2017, we added two new bedding lines to the Red Land Cotton brand.

Our Bankhead Basics Collection was born out of the desire to do the “basics” in an extraordinary way. In this collection, we added shams and duvet coverings to our offerings, while giving customers a lower and more economical price point. A fair warning, y’all, these sheets, shams and duvet covers do not feel or look basic! They are crafted from the same beautiful fabric as our other collections. :)

We also added our Lawrence Ticking Stripe Collection. This line was our first with a pop of color and a print. To say that we are proud of how this once utilitarian print has been brought to the forefront of today’s home décor is an understatement! There’s so much beauty in our roots, in the generations gone by; this line proves it.

Towels Are Wonderful Too!

At Red Land Cotton, we believe that a towel doesn’t have to be a drab, never-thought-of item. Instead, it should garner attention. And, our towels do just that!

See, we worked hard to engineer a 2-ply, all-American made towel using the best cotton to be found – our cotton.

This fall, we began selling our Leighton Bath Collection. This launch was a year in the making because it is a completely different supply chain than any of our bedding lines. All of our hard work on design and logistics paid off, though.

We produced a product we were proud of and our customers love. A win, win!

A Store Was Born.

We didn’t stop with two new lines of bedding and a bath collection. We also opened a storefront! And, not just anywhere.

We opened in downtown Moulton, Alabama, a small town in Lawrence County where much of our farmland is located. It was important to RLC for our first store to be in the heart of where all of our products begin.

We started working in July on our new home, a building constructed in the early 1900s on the corner of Main Street and Lawrence and then welcomed the public in September. We made it official with a grand-opening shindig – homemade lemon cookies, live music and, of course, sweet tea.

Since our opening, we have had over 2,000 shoppers coming from as far as Florida, Wisconsin, and California. You know what we say to that?! Y’all come back! :)

The RLC brand, including our store, celebrates the relevancy of old and the beauty of new. Our building in Moulton is a physical iteration of that notion. We would love for you to visit! 

Say What!

Since our beginnings in 2016, we have worked diligently to inform the public about our brand and the cotton industry.

So, this past year we hosted several press crews on our farm, offering tours of our cotton gin, giving rides on the cotton picker (a big hit!) and sharing our strong knowledge of cotton growth and textile manufacturing.

On the digital front, we reached 10,000 followers on Instagram and over 8,000 likes on Facebook this year. Wow! We were excited to meet all of you and hope to have even more of you to share pieces of our farm and our heirloom-inspired offerings with in 2018 .

A side note - If you aren’t following us, consider it (our Instagram and Facebook). We post a wide variety…from sale items to new blog posts, to helpful hints with linens and towels, to Monday motivation that gets you out of bed. (Hey, Mondays are hard; we know!)

We also took our products - physically, not just digitally - to the public. We sold our sheets at events like Southern Makers at Sloss Furnace in Birmingham, Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain, Georgia and The Factory in Franklin, TN. Meeting our customers and other makers is a rewarding and motivating experience.

Still Growing!

In order to keep up with the growth we experienced in 2017 and our goals for 2018, we commissioned another loom to weave our fabric and will be commissioning two more soon. We also hired two stellar employees and plan to hire others in 2018!

Simply put, we were beyond blessed in 2017.

We sincerely appreciate the part each of you played in our story last year, and we hope to be a part of your story this new year.

Until we meet again, either digitally or physically, we'll be busy prepping and praying for 2018.

Happy New Year, y’all! 




By: Rachel Eubanks, a girl blessed with a small-town Alabama raising. She grew a deep appreciation for farming as she watched her father, an extension agent, work alongside farmers for over 30 years. She now lives outside of Huntsville, AL and loves writing for farm-to-home companies like RLC.

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