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The Seconds Sale at Red Land Cotton

The Seconds Sale at Red Land Cotton


Seriously, this whole business of growing cotton and producing beautiful goods from those soft fibers permeates almost everything we do! We love it!

As you can imagine, though, there are many steps between planting and picking the cotton to actually selling a finished product. So, of course, mistakes happen along the way.

We have made it possible to shop the sale ONLINE!!! If you would like to come in-store and check out the inventory of seconds items yourself, call the store (205)235-9792 before leaving home and know your goods are waiting when you get here or place your order over the phone and we will ship it to you! Signing up for our newsletter is the best way to know what products are available each month.

Keep reading to learn all about Red Land Cotton’s Seconds Sale – what items to expect on discount, why we do it and how you can shop these steals.

Q: What's on Sale?

A: Anything with a flaw!

But, due to production runs, we often have more of certain items than others each month.

As we said earlier, the very best way to know the exact products we have at a discount is to sign up for our newsletter. Once every quarter, our co-founder, Anna, sends a reminder to your inbox about the sale and now you can see exactly what's in stock on our website here.

She also makes announcements on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Be sure to follow us there as well.

Q: What Type Of Flaws? Are We Talking A Sheet Cut In Half?

A: Heck no!

Are we talking, an imperfect hem on a towel?

Yep! :)

Below, we have listed common abnormalities to expect in our products offered in Seconds Sales.

For sheets…

  • Slubs – These are defects in the fabric that look like a knot and can be seen as thicker, raised threads on the fabric surface.
  • Oil Spots - Our fabric runs through a lot of heavy machinery. These machines require oil to run, meaning sometimes the oil gets on our cloth. It’s hard to

    remove in the finishing process.

  • Black Lines – These are caused by defective yarn being woven into the fabric.
  • Missed Decorative Stitching - On occasion, our hemstitch machine that makes the designs in our Red Land Classic sheet sets will run crazily, leaving an imperfect stitch. (Hey, crazy happens!) This will qualify the piece as a second.

 For towels...

  • Color Flys - This happens in our towels when dye from a previous lot accidentally makes a spot on our towel. Typically, it is small and doesn’t affect the quality of the fabric…just the look.
  • Missed Hems - Sometimes the hems on our towels are not sewn correctly, and this will qualify them as a second. It doesn’t affect the use of the towel. It’s simply an aesthetic error.
  • Pulled Threads - If there are multiple pulled threads on a towel, we classify the towel as a second.
  • Dropped Picks - This leaves a line in the towel where loops should have been. Usually, this is very small and hardly noticeable.

Q: What are the Discounts?

A: The discounts are anywhere from 35% off up to 45% off the items.

To Conclude

It's an honor to do what we love and to serve our customers.

We feel God calls us to be good stewards of our resources. And, we also know that no one or nothing is perfect — so flaws happen. Our Seconds and Factory Sales allow us to sell goods already finished, though with slight imperfections, while serving our customers well. It's a win, win!

And, of course, if you can't make it to North Alabama, we'll see you online. :)


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