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The Ultimate Guide to Decorating a Small Bedroom

The Ultimate Guide to Decorating a Small Bedroom

The classic saying really is true, “big things come in small packages.” A bedroom doesn’t have to be massive to look amazing. The truth is, even the tiniest spaces can make a statement in your home. Don’t feel discouraged if your bedroom is small. You can use many techniques to get the most out of a small bedroom. It can still look awesome if it’s decorated correctly, and it may even increase the resale value of your house. It just takes a creative mind and someone with a vision to achieve the look of your dreams. Here is our ultimate guide to decorating a small bedroom to help you out. ;)

Less Is More

You must strive for a minimalistic interior design when you decorate a small bedroom. If you paint the walls bright red and only have bulky furniture in the space, it’ll feel even more cramped. Instead, keep things simple in terms of design. Only add a few extra pieces into the bedroom, so nothing gets too crowded. Also, stick to a neutral color palette. Paint the walls white or tan, and choose a neutral color for your bedding as well. Here at Red Land Cotton, we kept the design of our American made bedding basics simple and clean so that it can adapt to any space. Our basics have clean and simple lines, and they come in neutral colors to help you achieve a minimalistic design while making sure you get a good night’s rest on quality sheets.

Don’t Be Afraid of Natural Light

A dark bedroom is great for sleeping in, but that’s about it. Your small bedroom should have tons of natural light if you want it to feel larger. If you have bulky windows treatments, your bedroom will feel so much smaller. We recommend choosing simple window treatments, so your space doesn’t feel jam-packed. Blinds or shutters also offer an excellent choice for tiny bedrooms because they don’t have much bulk to them. You can also leave them open with ease, so tons of natural light can make its way in. The more light you allow into your small bedroom, the larger it will appear. Also, increased exposure to natural light has many health benefits. Increased contact with natural light can help put people in a better mood and make them more productive.

Add Bold Statement Pieces

The best thing you can do when you decorate a small bedroom is to add statement pieces that are smaller. Since you should stick to a neutral color palette, you need to add color to the space in different ways. Hang a beautiful piece of artwork above the bed that’ll catch people’s eyes the minute they walk in, or put a luxurious blanket or quilt on the bed to add more texture or a pop of color. Another innovative idea is to hang a more modern chandelier. A few bold statement pieces will go a long way in a small bedroom. Don’t crowd the space by making everything loud and bright. Instead, a few smaller statement pieces will contribute just the punch of pizazz you need.

Stay Organized

You need to stay organized if you have a small bedroom. You can’t waste what little space you have by leaving dirty laundry all over the floor. If your bedroom does get messy, it’ll feel even smaller than it already is, so stay as organized as you possibly can. Purchase storage containers that fit under the bed so that you have a place to put your extra things out of sight. Open shelving is excellent for tiny bedrooms because it takes up very little space. Murphy beds also work well for people who have small bedrooms. There’s nothing better than folding up your bed so that you can actually use your room for other things. If you need a custom sized fitted sheet for your compact bed, just give us a call! You may also want to establish a weekly cleaning routine. Dedicate one day out of every week to cleaning up your bedroom. Pick everything up off the floor and get your closets in order. The cleaner your bedroom is, the larger it’ll feel.

Take Proper Measurements

This wouldn’t be the ultimate guide to decorating a small bedroom if measurements were never discussed. Everything you put in your cozy bedroom must be scaled to size. If you have a massive bed frame it’ll completely overwhelm the space. Make sure you never buy any furniture that’ll look totally out of place in your small bedroom. Take measurements before you go furniture shopping, so you don’t wind up buying something that won’t work at all. You must keep size in mind for other things such as paintings and storage options too. It wouldn’t make sense to hang a singular small painting on the wall by itself. Instead, create a collage so that things are more well-proportioned and less awkward looking. This sentiment also rings true for storing items. It wouldn’t make sense to buy huge storage boxes or crates for your small bedroom. Instead, buy smaller baskets and build an open shelving unit you can put them in.

Utilize Your Ceiling

When your bedroom is on the smaller side, the best thing you can do from a design standpoint is to draw the eye upward. If people look at what’s above them, they won’t focus on the room’s size. Most people think if they don’t have vaulted ceilings there’s nothing else they can do with them. This statement couldn’t be farther from the truth. You can use tons of cool design tricks that’ll help you make the most out of your ceiling. For example, you can paint it a striking color to contrast against the neutral palette. There’s truly nothing more beautiful than a navy blue ceiling against an all-white bedroom. You can also apply an interesting wallpaper to draw the eye upward. If painting sounds like too much for you, research exciting light fixtures. Hang chandeliers or install pothole lights to get people’s attention.

There are so many ways you can decorate a small bedroom. You don’t have to limit yourself because the area is tiny. As long as you stick to a minimalistic design and neutral color palette, the room will never feel too crowded. Just because you want things to be simple that doesn’t mean you can’t add bold statement pieces to the room either. Don’t be afraid to install a unique shelving feature or sleek lighting to get people’s attention. To get started, browse our selection of basic bedding staples at Red Land Cotton. We promise you’ll find the right products that’ll help you accomplish the look you want to achieve and get the sleep you so desperately need.

Decorating a Small Bedroom Guide

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