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How to Design the Ideal Bedroom for Sleep

How to Design the Ideal Bedroom for Sleep

We’ve all had sleepless nights. There’s nothing worse than tossing and turning in your bed for hours on end. There are many different reasons why people could have trouble falling or staying asleep... Stress could be keeping people awake. On the other hand, some folks can’t get off their electronics. Or just maybe, their bedroom isn’t the ideal spot for sleeping. Your bedroom should be the ultimate sanctuary—you should be able to walk in and let go of everything that causes you anxiety. This imaginative guide will tell you everything you need to know on how to design the ideal bedroom for sleep. If you follow this advice, you’ll surely wake up refreshed the next morning.

Where to Begin

If you can never get a good night’s sleep, you should reevaluate your bedding situation. One of the most significant reasons why people don’t get enough rest is because they can’t get comfortable. If you’re always tossing and turning throughout the night, you should consider redesigning your bed. If you make some adjustments to your bed, you could finally get all that rest you’re craving.


You’ll never be able to sleep soundly through the night if your sheets are incredibly uncomfortable! A complete bedding redesign starts with a luxurious set of sheets. Here at Red Land Cotton, we strive to offer the best—cool, crisp, and comfortable cotton sheets. Our primary goal as a team is to help give people the best night’s sleep on sustainably grown and manufactured cotton. Our sheets are substantial and cool—you will notice the difference the moment you slip beneath the covers. You can also rest assured that we make our sheets right here in the USA. You can also rest easy knowing the material you’re sleeping on has been finished with minimal chemical processing! You’ll truly wake up feeling relaxed.


Add extra comfort and weight with a duvet on top of your bed. No one can fall asleep if they’re chilly or covered by a paper-thin layer. Avoid this issue altogether and place a plush duvet on your bed. We recommend a down or down alternative duvet insert with a medium weight. That way, you’ll stay warm but still have some airflow. The best thing about duvets is that you can purchase a duvet cover that you can easily adjust to match your design changes throughout the year. At Red Land Cotton, we offer several duvet covers to pick from that are made from our signature fabric!


Quilts are the perfect layer for snuggling. Everyone should have a soft, lightweight quilt on their bed to help them sleep soundly through the night. Some people have trouble falling asleep because they can’t find the perfect sleeping temperature. It’s awful when you’re too cold, so you cover yourself with a blanket. Then suddenly, you’re too warm. It truly is a vicious cycle. That’s one of the reasons why quilts are so great. Our quilts aren’t too thin or too thick. They’re ideal for people who can never find the ideal sleeping temperature. Our classic quilts at Red Land Cotton are a must-have item for anyone who has trouble sleeping through the night. Made in the USA, our bed quilts are made with 100% cotton batting from our farm. You can get a good night’s rest knowing that your quilts are totally American made, and they won’t do anything harmful to your skin.

Pillow Shams

A restful night’s sleep starts with the perfect pillow. You’ll never get a full eight hours if your pillow is incredibly uncomfortable. So please, start with choosing the pillow that’s right for you. If you like something more firm, shy away from memory foam pillows that mold to your head’s shape. Once you select the pillow that’s right for you, you need to get the smoothest pillowcases and pillow shams on the market. Pillows need covers on them, so you have a comfy spot to rest your head. Red Land Cotton has a wide selection of pillowcases and pillow shams that’ll keep you cozy all night long. Our pillow shams are generously sized, and with our crisp percale weave, they’ll keep you cool throughout the night.

Size and Positioning of Your Bed

Now that we’ve discussed all the bedding essentials that’ll help you sleep through the night, it’s time to expand on the importance of your bed’s size and positioning. You should have plenty of room to move freely on your bed throughout the night. If you notice that you’re always hanging off your bed, you should consider getting a larger mattress. Yes, getting a new mattress is a substantial investment. However, you must have the appropriately sized mattress to get an ideal night’s sleep. One thing that could also be affecting your sleep is how you position your bed. Perhaps you’d feel more comfortable if you moved your bed against the wall instead of placing it openly in your bedroom. Some people don’t even realize how much more comfortable they’d feel until they move their bed. So try some feng shui so you can get the best night’s sleep possible.

Cut Out the Electronics

Electronics aren’t copasetic with sleeping. You’ll never get a full night’s rest with a television blaring in your face. Think about removing electronics from your bedroom if you’ve had trouble sleeping recently. Start by taking the television out of your room. Yes, some people like to enjoy their favorite shows from the comfort of their bed. However, having a television in your room will completely mess up your sleep cycle. You won’t be able to watch only one episode of your show. Chances are, you’re going to get sucked into another program, and before you know it, it’s 1 AM. Try to stay off your phone in your bedroom, as well. We’ve all fallen down the rabbit hole of checking social media and watching funny videos when we’re supposed to be sleeping. Avoid this issue altogether and make your bedroom an electronics-free zone.

These tips on how to create the ideal bedroom for sleep will help anyone who tosses and turns all night long. You should start by making sure your bed is incredibly comfortable. Red Land Cotton has a variety of bedding materials that’ll help you get the sleep of your dreams. Our sheets, pillow shams, and bed quilts are made in the USA. Also, all our products are free of any additives, so they’re great for your skin. If you purchase bedding items from Red Land Cotton, ensure you have an appropriately sized bed. You should also remove all electronics from your bedroom. If you try to incorporate all these tips into your routine, there’s no reason you won’t sleep soundly through the night.

Ideal Bedroom for Sleep

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