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5 Tips for Keeping Your Baby Comfortable at Night

5 Tips for Keeping Your Baby Comfortable at Night

It’s every parent’s job to make sure their baby is as cozy and safe during the night. The more comfortable a baby is, the longer they’ll sleep. The longer they sleep, the longer you sleep. And when you make the bedding right, you can rest easy knowing your baby is sleeping safely through the night as well. Read these six tips for keeping your baby safe and comfortable at night, so everyone awakes refreshed in the morning!

Fitted Crib Sheets

Every crib needs a strong, well-made fitted sheet. Our 100% cotton crib sheets will help your baby sleep comfortably through the night due to their breathable and soft construction. If you use sheets that don’t fit your baby’s mattress, they’ll likely become untucked at night. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it’s incredibly unsafe. If a sheet comes untucked while your baby is sleeping, it could be a choking/smothering hazard. Therefore, it is extremely important to have well-made fitted sheets on your baby’s crib. Our fitted crib sheets feature tight elastic around the perimeter of the fitted sheet with reinforced French seems for security and durability. So, be preventative, and purchase fitted sheets that mold perfectly to your child’s mattress while keeping them cozy all night long.

Your baby deserves to sleep comfortably—after all, the longer they sleep, the longer you sleep. Here at Red Land Cotton, many know us for our sheets. Our signature fabric boasts a substantially large yarn size, which makes them soft yet breathable with our percale weave. Our founder, Anna Brakefield, designed this line when she was pregnant with her first little girl. We’re not saying there is magic in the sheets… but her sweet girl slept soundly through the night by 3 months. We truly do offer the best quality baby bedding made in the USA. As a parent, you can sleep soundly, knowing all our products are American grown and made.

Baby Quilt

Baby quilts are perfect for snuggling. One tip for keeping your baby comfortable at night is to get them a luxurious baby quilt. Your baby will fall asleep instantly once you wrap them in a quilt and hold them tightly in your arms. Just make sure to always be in your baby’s presence when they are using the quilt. Don’t leave the quilt out freely in their crib because, much like ill-fitted crib sheets, they can present safety hazards when left about.

At Red Land Cotton, our goal is to make sure our baby quilts are as snuggly as possible. That’s why we use 100% cotton from our farm in our batting. Several baby quilts contain polyester batting which is a derivative of crude oil, is non-breathable and bulky. Our quilts are light, soft and breathable. Moreover, parents should rest assured that our quilts have no added chemicals to make them “wrinkle-free”, so babies’ skin won’t become irritated during cuddle time. We hope that your baby will use their quilt throughout their childhood, as well. Eventually, we hope they can pass it down to their children.

Baby Detergent

Using baby detergent on all your youngster’s materials will keep them calm throughout the night. Here at Red Land Cotton, we suggest using The Laundress’s baby detergent. This baby detergent smells fantastic—the scent isn’t overwhelming at all but just enough to make you say “ahhh”. Parents can rest assured this baby detergent contains all-natural ingredients, and it is completely allergen-free. Moreover, the detergent pairs beautifully with the other stain removing products we offer from The Laundress. Parents know all too well that little ones are notorious for making big messes. If your child has an accident, use the detergent and your preferred stain fighter to get rid of the stains with minimal effort and have the clothes come out of the dryer smelling fresh!

Sound Machine

A sound machine will surely help your baby get a restful night’s sleep. It’s difficult for anyone to fall asleep in a completely quiet room. Silence is especially terrifying to a tiny baby. So, keep them calm and buy a sound machine for their nursery. You can program the machine to make any sound you’d like. Keep in mind that it may take a while to discover what noises your baby does and doesn’t find comforting, we prefer white noise for optimal snoozing!

Some sound machines include light displays, as well. Minimal lighting may also help your child sleep through the night. After all, no baby wants to sleep in a completely dark room. So, consider purchasing a sound machine with an accompanying light show. Some sound machines even have light displays that time with certain sounds. That way, the sounds and lights will mimic each other, so nothing appears disjointed.

Follow a Routine

Finally, it’s so important to follow a routine when trying to keep your baby cozy at night. Just like older adults, babies find security in a consistent routine. Try to follow a consistent bedtime routine that involves a bath, storytime, and snuggles before laying them in their crib. You can also use your sound machine to play different music that ques up when it’s time to begin the night-time routine and sets the stage for slumber. Make sure that their fitted crib sheets are always secure, so they’re cozy and safe while sleeping. Snuggle them with a baby quilt beforehand, so they get extra tired. Finally, play their mobile and give them a pacifier to keep them calm. If you stick to these steps, you and your youngster will awake refreshed in the morning.

Keep in mind that your child’s nightly routine may change as they get older. As a parent, you must be able to roll with the punches. If you notice that your child outgrows certain nighttime rituals, try not to take it personally. Change is a part of life. So, enjoy your bedtime routine with your baby as often as you can. Before you know it, they’ll be all grown up, and you’ll need to establish new rules.

Keeping a Baby Comfortable at Night

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