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What Is Percale? And Why It Should Be Your Go to Summer Fabric!

What Is Percale? And Why It Should Be Your Go to Summer Fabric!

When we began developing our signature bed sheets, we researched several options and finally landed on a fabric that just felt like "home". We found an heirloom bed sheet from the 1920s with hand sewn lace and we knew THAT was the fabric we wanted to re-create. We needed to create a long lasting, comfortable and breathable fabric. And after meeting with textile engineers, we knew we would need to make an old time percale weave that felt Summers spent at your Grandmothers house... and that's exactly what we did!


So, what is percale? 

When we use the word "percale" to describe our sheets we are referring to the weave of the fabric. Percale simply means that the warp and the weft threads cross over and under each other one at a time. 


What does a percale fabric feel like? 

A percale fabric is smooth but not silky. Instead, it has a crisp matte finish! If you prefer silky satin sheets, a percale fabric is not for you.

But keep reading, we will try to convince you a percale fabric might be what you need!


What is a percale fabric made of? 

A percale fabric can be made from cotton, bamboo or polyester. Obviously, we prefer to use 100% Red Land Cotton. Why? Long staple cotton compliments a percale weave as it promotes a softer sheet with even better airflow. 


What are the benefits of a percale fabric? 

In general, a percale weave makes a stronger fabric making your bedding more durable. A percale weave allows for greater airflow between the sheets! (Perfect for those who sleep hot or live in warmer climates) Many find that sheets with a percale weave get softer as they are used and laundered. 


Should you choose percale sheets this Summer?

Answer: ABSOLUTELY! And here is why:

1. Breathability: It's all about the airflow for us! You don't want to feel suffocated under your bedding and a percale weave allows air to move between layers so you stay cooler and sleep longer!

2. Durability: In general, a percale weave makes a stronger and tighter fabric making your bedding more durable. This means your sheets are ready for sleeping in on Saturdays, building forts in the living room and undergoing weekly trips to the laundry!

3. Low Maintenance: Summers are all about staying casual and keeping it easy! While a percale fabric tends to wrinkle more than its sateen counterparts, it's super easy to care for! Throw them in the wash with mild detergent and dry on low heat OR better yet, dry them on the clothesline in the summer sun!

Have you heard enough? Ready to try it for yourself? Our signature sheets are a great place to start!



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