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American Made Percale Sheets

Bringing back textile manufacturing to America.

Heirloom Quality Fabric

From a bed sheet passed down from the 1920s, we reverse engineered the original weave construction and yarn size to bring you linens that are truly heirloom-inspired.

Our bed sheets are unlike anything that is currently on the market. Not only are they exclusively a farm-to-home offering, but these pieces are built to last.

We paired an open weave with a thicker yarn size to create a fabric that allows for maximum airflow but doesn't compromise on comfort!


We Believe in Sustainability that's American Made.

Our supply chains are local. From the seed in the ground, to the final stitch sewn, not one piece of Red Land Cotton leaves the United States.


We Believe in Quality at the Ground Level.

Quality control starts at the ground level. We grow all of the cotton for our products and we only select the best bales to go into our products.


We Believe in Creating a Life Well Lived.

We believe in creating jobs that uplift economies here in the USA. Our supply chain touches hundreds of jobs across America from Maine to Texas.