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Ag Day 2023 — Farm Update

Ag Day 2023 — Farm Update

The state of U.S. agriculture in 2023 can be summed up in one word-UNCERTAINTY.

Compared to the distressing rise in production costs last year there is some good news. Fertilizer, gas and diesel prices are down in 2023, which is music to farmers’ ears. 

On the flip side, interest rates have doubled on the long term farm loans and line of credit loans that many farmers depend on every year.  Commodity prices are down from last year. The markets are plagued with doubt as we hear daily news of dramatic losses in the stock market, geopolitical turmoil and currently, bank failures.

Here at Red Land Farms; however, moisture is abundant and like the enthusiasm of the first daffodils of spring, hope springs eternal in the hearts of the partners of Red Land Farms.

All winter long Mark Sr., Mark Jr. and Joe Yeager with their crew have been reconditioning sprayers, planters and harvesters in anticipation of spring planting. Attention to detail in repairs matters because when the temps are right, there’s no time to waste in getting seed in the soil with great precision.

As soon as we get past the threat of further freezing temperatures, corn planting will begin.  This year Red Land Farms expects to have 2200 acres in corn.
If warm weather has set in to stay, cotton planting should start mid April. We’re looking for nighttime temps to be in the 60s before the first cotton seed gets buried in the ground.  This year we expect to plant 3500 acres of cotton to keep the mills busy making all the Red Land Cotton linens you’ve grown to love!
One thing that we’re trying this year is naturally occurring microbes that create biological activity in the area where seed will be planted. It’s the newest thought in green ecological farm practices.  This is just a teaser y’all. We’ll share a lot more about that in our blog for Earth Day. 

So things are uncertain, but we are ever hopeful here on Red Land Farms. We’ve taken a much needed winter rest and we’re rarin’ to go! As Joe Yeager says “Let’s Kick the Tires and Light the Fires!”

Happy Spring, y’all!
The Yeagers
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