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If you get the necessary eight hours of sleep per night—as you should be—that means you spend about one-third of each day in bed. And if you spend a lot of time somewhere, whether your car, your desk chair, or (you guessed it) your bed, you want to feel as comfortable as possible. At the same time, however, maintaining a beautiful home matters; sometimes, the cozy old comforters we wrap ourselves up in at night are a little too well-worn to look aesthetically pleasing. You may not be staging your home for a magazine shoot, but you still have standards to uphold here.

The dilemma, then, consists of how to set up a bed that looks just as great as it feels. When you hear “luxury bedding,” you may conjure up images of a bed that’s so festooned with throw pillows that you can’t even imagine sleeping in it. Well, we have a few ideas about rethinking luxury cotton bedding to properly balance style with comfort.

Comfort begins with the right mattress. A mattress that has grown lumpy and misshapen over time sends the wrong message before you’ve even put on the fitted sheet. Whether you look to your mattress for firm support as you sleep or prefer something you can sink into, make sure this necessary component doesn’t show its age.

A bed that delivers comfort with elegance needs the right linens. Our luxurious cotton bedding provides gentle and breathable warmth with subtly beautiful patterns, such as our bestselling ticking stripe sets. These sets feature a simple, understated, and timeless pattern that recalls cozy country estates. Natural fibers lend a note of distinction as well—you can gently launder our luxury cotton bed sheets without sloughing off any of the harmful plastic microfibers that come from polyester sheets. After all, what’s so luxurious about plastic, anyway?

Add another level of style with luxury cotton duvet covers. A proper duvet makes the difference between a merely nice bed and one whose owners understand and appreciate domestic aesthetics. Our duvets feature solid colors or ticking stripes—whichever you feel best complements your bedsheets and blankets.

Once you’ve outfitted your bed with the finest luxury cotton bedding from Red Land Cotton, you can iron out the details. A padded headboard may not do much for your sleep quality, but it will surely make your bed look much nicer. The same goes for your bed skirt, which can add just the right finishing touch to your bedroom. And, of course, you can always count on a few tasteful throw pillows to connote the sense of luxury you crave—just don’t overdo it.