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Discover how to help your natural cotton linens, bedding, and towels stay fresh with our tips, advice, and fabric care recommendations. Cleaning your bed sheets and towels has never been such an easy task. With our proper fabric care guide, you will never have an issue caring for your linens again.

Using Chemical Free Fabric Care Products

At Red Land Cotton, we recommend utilizing products from The Laundress, which is an eco-friendly company that provides signature detergent, bleach alternative, and other fabric care products. It is important to take proper care of your linens to ensure that they last a long time.

You can find all of The Laundress fabric care products here.

Tips & Advice on Washing Your Linens

When it comes to washing your linens, many aren’t sure where to start. We understand the importance of preserving your linens to keep your bedding long-lasting. Regularly cleaning and washing your linens will go a long way. With the help of our tips and advice, cleaning your bed sheets and towels will be an easy task.

Read more tips and advice on proper fabric and linen care on our blog here.

The Red Land Cotton Difference

The difference in our cotton direct from our farm in Northern Alabama is clear, and you should feel the high-quality cotton bedding and towels for yourself. We offer free shipping for purchases over $250.00 and free returns and exchanges. From bath towels to bedding, we put a modern twist on the traditional cotton fabric that generations before us loved. Feel the difference of American-made cotton and purchase our luxury bedding and towels today!

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