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Behind The Seams — Making The Red Land Cotton Duvet Cover

Behind The Seams — Making The Red Land Cotton Duvet Cover

Go behind the seams as we show you the process of making our duvet covers by hand! Co-Owner of Southern Sewn, Kim Hensley, walks us through the process step-by-step. 


The process starts in the cutting department where is duvet cover is torn to size by hand. Diane hems the bottom of the duvet before it goes on to receive the button and buttonholes. Carol sews the buttonholes and then each piece is matched by hand to ensure the buttons and buttonholes line up perfectly. The front of the duvet is then matched with the back and stitched together. Once the front and back are stitched together, it goes to Fronnie to receive ties in all 4 corners. We use the selvedge edge of our fabric to make our ties. We never want anything to go to waste! After the ties are stitched in, the duvet goes to inspection, folding and packing. Finally, the duvets are sent to our store and we ship it to you to enjoy! 

As we said, we think our products are great! However, the love and attention that goes into making each piece make it all the more special!

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