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How To Tastefully Decorate Your Home With Quilts

How To Tastefully Decorate Your Home With Quilts

The only thing cozier than wrapping up in a blanket is wrapping up in a quilted blanket. Just draping that patterned fabric over your shoulders feels like a hug from your grandmother.

But quilts aren’t just comfortable. Their patterned fabric and intricate stitching make quilts a homey addition to anyone’s home decor. If you’re wondering how to tastefully decorate your home with quilts, we have you covered.

A Brief History of Quilting Decor

Today, we think of quilts as elaborate, colorful works of stitching art. But back in the olden days, quilts were simply a practical way of making warm blankets without wasting any fabric. Stitchers would use anything—including old baby clothes, torn aprons, or even another quilt—to make quilts for their families.

Eventually, people were able to get their hands on better fabric and found the free time to use it. Quilters would capture their everyday lives in the thread by stitching pictures of flowers, horses, or people onto their pieces. They also began using a greater variety of colors and patterns. These quilts added a little color to people’s rooms.

Even as many people left behind the days of making our own blankets, they still looked at quilts as a symbol of community, heritage, and the comforts of home. Over time, people began displaying them in their homes, not just as a practical blanket but as a symbol of those ideals.

Places To Decorate With Quilts


Given quilts’ heritage as a way to keep warm on a cold night, it makes sense that quilts are the most at home on our beds. The simplest way to do this is to use a quilt as your main blanket. But that doesn’t mean you have to forgo the quilt if you prefer comforters or duvets on your bed.

Another option is to use your quilt as a runner toward the foot of your bed. This will add a little pop of color and pattern to the space.


The second most likely place to snuggle up with a warm blanket is the couch, so this is another perfect opportunity to incorporate a quilt. All you need to do is fold the quilt loosely and drape it over the back of the couch. It makes the room seem even more comfortable and inviting and makes the quilt easy to access when you get cold.


Displaying quilts on the walls has become a more popular design choice in the last few decades. It allows you to enjoy some of your fancier or more antique quilts without having to worry about ruining them. There are a few ways to decorate your walls with quilts.

  • Put the quilt inside a large picture frame, or display quilting square in smaller frames.
  • Display your quilt on an antique quilting frame.
  • Hang a curtain rail, and then hang your quilt on it.
  • Put a clothesline against the wall, and display your quilt with clothespins.

If you’re displaying a quilt that you aren’t as attached to, you can also always pin or nail it to the wall. But keep in mind, this will make it more difficult to wash without damaging it.


This is probably the most nonconventional way to decorate your home with a quilt. But the fact that it’s so unexpected makes it all the more eye-catching. Drape your quilt over an end table like a tablecloth to make the piece more colorful and eye-catching.

If you have a thinner quilt, you could also fold it into a long rectangle and use it as a runner in the center of a dining room table. If you’re worried about making a mess, use this on tables where you don’t eat as frequently, or take the quilt off before you sit down.

A Note on Non-Quilt Quilts

Who says a quilt has to be a blanket? If you want to add the feeling of quilts to a space without bringing in a whole blanket, find other objects that have quilted exteriors. Throw pillows are a great example of this; toss them onto beds or couches for a homey touch.

Color Tips for Decorating With Quilts

Quilts are known for coming in a variety of colors and patterns. So adding them to your decor means figuring out the best way to fit those colors into your space. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind:

  • Choose a quilt that has a major color in common with the rest of the room. For example, if the room is green, a quilt with a green backing and frame would work well.
  • Hang a colorful or highly patterned quilt in rooms with more minimalist styles, or use simple quilts in more colorful rooms.
  • Along the same lines, put multi-colored pieces or ones with patterns on non-patterned furniture, and vice versa.
  • Consider putting multiple quilts or throw pillows with the same pattern in a room to tie the whole design together.

Keep in mind that not all quilts are kaleidoscopic “crazy quilts.” If you’re having trouble finding a quilt that matches your room, look for monochrome ones in a neutral color like white. These kinds of quilts match just about any space.

Balancing Vintage and Modern

Quilts tend to call to mind nostalgic, simpler days—back when ladies would get together at quilting bees to exchange the latest gossip. Because of that, quilts tend to lend themselves well to comforting, vintage decors like homes with a farmhouse or cottage-core style.

However, using quilts in your decor can potentially backfire and make your home seem a little old-fashioned. The easy way to avoid this when decorating with vintage pieces like quilts is to pair them with more modern pieces. For example, if you’re putting a quilt on your bed, consider using a more contemporary style for your bed frame.

Looking for the perfect cozy quilt for your home? Red Land Cotton’s American-made luxury cotton quilts are perfect for adding a nostalgic touch to your home that your family is sure to love.

How To Tastefully Decorate Your Home With Quilts
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