something new is here.

Red Land Cotton has partnered with Helmsie, a female-owned company specializing in hand-drawn designs and repeat patterns, to create a new line of bedding featuring hand-drawn delicate blue hydrangea florals. The collaboration celebrates the beauty and significance of the hydrangea flower, a beloved symbol of the South and Southern culture.

The blue hydrangea pattern, hand-drawn by
Helmsie, was inspired by the natural beauty of the flower and its connection to Southern heritage. The intricate design captures the delicate petals and rich hues of the hydrangea, adding a touch of elegance and Southern charm to Red Land Cotton's signature bedding.

The collaboration between these two female-owned and led brands highlights the importance of supporting women in business and creating opportunities for collaboration and creativity. Together, they have combined the best of both worlds – the high-quality cotton products of Red Land Cotton and the unique hand-drawn aesthetic and artwork of Helmsie – to create a bedding collection that is not only beautiful, but meaningful.

This new line of bedding offers customers the opportunity to bring a piece of Southern culture and tradition into their homes, while also supporting local and women-owned businesses. With its beautiful blue hydrangea print, this collaboration between Red Land Cotton and Helmsie is a perfect representation of the Southern values of hospitality, craftsmanship, and community.