Red Land Cotton Is And Always Will Be 100% American Made And Manufactured, And That Starts With The Soil It’s Grown In. 

With its roots in the rich, red soil of North Alabama, our bed sheets and other home linens are made with the finest homegrown cotton our farm can produce. We realized long ago that the soil was our greatest asset, so careful thought goes into our farming practices. Our cotton is rain fed, never irrigated, and produced under the most up-to-date and sustainable farming techniques. 


Red Land Cotton Field


We then custom gin our cotton which allows us to ensure that only the finest fibers our farm has to offer become a part of Red Land Cotton linens. Through every step in the process, our linens receive an unsurpassed level of quality control.


Red Land Cotton Gin


From the spinning yarn to the final cut and sew, our linens are artfully made and manufactured here in the Southern United States as part of a rich textile tradition that spans decades and generations. We work closely with each of our vendors to achieve the best result. As we’ve traveled in this journey, our hearts have hurt over the empty manufacturing businesses that once employed so many American workers. We are dedicated to doing our part in bringing manufacturing back to the United States. 

Red Land Cotton Strives To Deliver The Purest Product Possible Directly From Our Farm To The Consumer’s Home.