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2023 Pre-Harvest Q&A

2023 Pre-Harvest Q&A

1) What percentage increase in costs did you see in your 2023 crops?
Cost to plant continued to rise in 2023. I’d estimate our costs in fuel, seed and labor rose 20% compared to the cost of 2022 crop.

2) Where did you see the biggest increase in price?
I’d say we saw the biggest cost increase in the price of labor.

3) Are you optimistic about these costs going down for the 2024 crop year?
No. I can’t say I’m optimistic about costs going down anytime soon. 

4) We’ve seen the news about extensive drought across western states. How are the yields on your corn crop this year?
Alabama had an unusually cool and wet spring and summer. That made for a nice corn crop. It’s not our best year, but it’s definitely good!

5) What are you focusing on now as the farm moves into cotton harvest?
Now we’re focusing on timing harvest just right. We need an extended period of good warm temps and no rain in the forecast to ensure an optimal cotton harvest.

6) What are you seeing in the markets?
The commodities markets are down in both cotton and corn. The supply is down too.

7) Shouldn’t having a commodity in short supply raise prices?
What can I say? Supply is short. Prices are low. The economy is bad and that causes consumer demand to be low.

8) What does the 2023 corn harvest look like on a national level?
Overall the U.S. crops look bad. Supply is low.

9) What does the U.S. cotton crop look like going into harvest?
Again the overall picture looks like a low supply and low demand.

10) Do you have any plans to change how you operate Red Land Farms in 2024?
We’ve got no plans to change our basic farm protocols. We expect to plant the same crop percentages as this year- 1/3 corn and 2/3 cotton. 

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